recently, one could drive the new Nissan Juke already, however, still disguised. Now, the Japanese car maker has pulled the cloth from the City-SUV. And lo and behold: finished puberty; the Look of the small SUVs is much more civilized than the previous.

Because of the polarized with its Design. Especially the lights and talk on the hood of the gifts reminded them of a frog. Now you terminals under the hood edge under the hood and flank the front grill like wings.

Remains Autonomous

But even as a young adult, the Juke retains its individuality. Distinctive round headlights, coupe-like Silhouette, a mini-tail on the tailgate: From the rebellious teen a Hipster has become something ordinary, but not boring.

So the Juke should be able to continue from its competitors Arona, VW T-Cross, Peugeot 2008 or Mazda CX-Seat 30 to take off. With the new dimensions of 4.21 meters long (+7.5 cm), 1.6 meters in height (+3 cm) and 1.8 meters in width (+3.5 cm) consistently space to improve. In the rear head – and legroom, and the cargo volume behind the rear seats to 20 per cent on new 422 Liter. Despite the new Size, the Juke has reduced the weight of up to 23 kilograms.

This technique is in the Juke

A one-liter three-cylinder turbo petrol engine with 117 HP (86 kW) drives only the front wheels. Alternatively, there are manual or 7-speed dual-clutch automatic, which we recommend the manual switch, because the City-SUV drives alive. Later, a Plug in Hybrid, whose drive is well-accepted by the Captur from Alliance-Partner Renault. Between 45 and 65 kilometres purely electrically possible. The sporty Juke R-will fall out of it.

in Addition, the new Juke has semi-Autonomous driving features such as adaptive cruise control with Stop-and-go function and lane-keeping assistant. An emergency brake assist that detects pedestrians or cyclists, and traffic sign recognition to come.

Modern baby-sitter

Also in the complete networked multimedia system, the Juke is up to date, and it remains, thanks to the possible Updates. The Smartphone can not only be via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the road, but can be used to close via the App, for example, the window. Cool for parents: as soon As the young can travel, the radius of action and a time window for the use of set. You go over the Limit, parents are informed.

at the end of November, the new Juke is in dealerships. The prices are not fixed yet.