thanks to the Leaf is the electric mobility is at Nissan a worldwide success story. In Japan, the E-drive starts the Note, and the Minivan Serena. The two need to be loaded. A petrol engine produces the power for the electric motor. The Nissan IMQ Concept a further development of this e-Power technology. In Conjunction with the 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo, the new Version makes 340 HP and 700 Nm. In addition, a new 4×4, with the aim to force exactly on the individual wheels can be inserted in the study.

With the virtual passenger

The 4,56 Meter-long concept car is a technology carrier is in the first place. The Infotainment a month ago at the CES in Las Vegas presented the “Invisible-to-Visible” technology (I2V) accesses and plays the System. In the centre is a 33-inch screen, which informs about the Status of the vehicle. A second Monitor for Navigation and other important information, such as, for example, the reasons for congestion or dangers that lurk after the next curve comes. The lonely commuters, the Japanese way of thinking. A three-dimensional Avatar makes the driver company.

view of Nissan’s future

The study of sleek looks, clearly, as the current models and is a V-shaped radiator grille, nevertheless, as a Nissan. “Interior and exterior design, go to the IMQ seamlessly and show how the third Generation of Nissan’s Crossover models could look like in Europe,” says Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President of Design at Nissan. Behind two counter-opening doors of a cabin for four persons. We are excited to see how much it creates in the series and whether or not with the Crossover, the Hybrid technology is finally coming to Europe.