This is the second-largest Japanese car maker announced on Friday. The step had been expected after Renault had behind-the-Scenes to replace the 65-Year-old stocky, in order to increase its influence on the Japanese Partner. Renault-Chef Thierry Bolloré is appointed, as planned, in addition to the Board of Directors to be expanded by three to eleven members.

In the auto Alliance, a power of raging battle. Renault pulls according to insiders, the threads, a change at the Nissan top-of-the enforce – and to achieve a merger with the Japanese. To be replaced with Jean-Dominique Senard, the Carlos Ghosn the beginning of the year as the Chairman of the Renault Board of Directors has considered Saikawa, apparently as a stumbling block to the Plan to enforce. He wants to merge the two carmakers closer together, to be able to size the advantages of better use.

analysts see the two automakers is undervalued because the earnings weakness of the Nissan impacted the balance sheet of Renault. The Japanese company had announced to an operating profit decline of 45 percent in the past fiscal year for the since March of current current period to a further decline of 28 percent.

Renault and Nissan are intertwined through cross-shareholdings with each other, whereby the French have a Overweight. Nissan penetrates to a greater balance in the Alliance, Ghosn up to the time of his arrest in November, the direction of pretending.

The once-mighty auto boss is currently on bail at large. He needs to answer, soon, in Japan, in a court proceedings because of allegations of financial misconduct and alleged enrichment at the expense of Nissan. Ghosn denies any wrongdoing. (SDA)