Nintendo 2DS XL: Saturn makes strong offer

right now, in times of school-and output lock you are looking for opportunities for himself and his family as well as it goes to keep the fun at home, and to bring the child care, as well as the Work in the Home Office under a hat. If the TV program provides after some time at home not varied more and the brummten school tasks are taken care of is the practical the game console 2DS XL (display) of Nintendo is the ideal pastime for young and old. The console is by the appearance of the successor of Nintendo Switch is always cheaper and boasts a great catalog of games with thousands of Games. We will show you how you can get up the console + game at the best price from the current level of 90,92 Euro.

Nintendo 2DS XL in Saturn to the top (display)

the Nintendo 2DS XL cheap with coupon Trick: it’s So simple!

  • Open the product page of the Nintendo 2DS XL console, on Saturn (display)
  • The offer is displayed on the bottom right: New Nintendo 2DS XL game console + Fossil Fighters Frontier for 99€
  • Add the offer to your shopping cart
  • you are Looking in the Saturn online shop of any product – we have selected the cheapest: A USB A to USB B cable GOOBAY (display) for 1.29 euros
  • Now you have cracked the 100 Euro in the shopping cart and can. from the Newsletter offer
  • benefit For you to simply sign up for the Newsletter and receive a 10 EUR discount coupon for your next order via e-Mail The discount must be redeemed within 48 hours and is just to click on orders over 100 Euro-valid

Here and an Extra 10 euros discount (display)

The discount code you must redeem only if you pay. You have followed all the steps, will reduce the value of your shopping basket at 90,92 Euro . The delivery is free of charge.

What is the Nintendo 2DS XL console can

Saturn The handy game console, therefore, in contrast to its smaller brother, the Nintendo 2DS, with practical hinged joint. The unfinished game pauses automatically if the Nintendo is closed and starts again as soon as you open the lid the device again. That makes it just for traveling especially attractive. Another great plus point: the games of the 3DS consoles with the Nintendo 2DS XL is compatible, in 2D instead of 3D. This is a huge selection of a variety of Games offers the player, making sure everyone comes on its costs. The duration of the battery lasts between 3 and 5 hours of pure playing time and fully charged battery for the occasional pastime is sufficient.

you can also Look how the console has fared in the CHIP Test.

With in the Bundle: Fossil Fighters Frontier


An adventurous role-playing game released six years: Fossil Fighters Frontier (ad). The player explores fossil parks around the world, exploring its secrets, and can bring the found fossils to life. This Dino-creatures, so-called Vivosaurier, all of which have different abilities arise. Then it is up to the players to train the Vivosaurier and strengthen his Team against suddenly appearing wild Vivosaurier. The forces of the own team can also be in the case of an Online duel against other players to the test. In multiplayer mode, the fossil Park can be explored together with up to 6 players in 3-gegen3-games – entertainment for the whole family!

Nintendo 2DS XL with a Fossil Fighters Frontier in the Bundle (display)