most of all he nibbles their toes in bed, he must sleep sometimes: Nina Havel (38) has a new treasure, the mongrel puppy Kolya lives since a few weeks with the presenter. Your Home is Schaffhausen is an old timbered house in a 500-souls-village in the Canton of, in the middle of the country. “Out here, it is good to have a protector. However, he is more of a Bonsai-Schäfer,” jokes Havel, as the puppy barks as a Welcome.

but these are not the only new sounds in the home Havel – for the presenter, a dream come true in December: it is for the first Time for a Musical on the stage. “So I’ve been eyeing a long time secretly. But I thought I’d have a Chance anyway, because you need at least three Bachelor’s degree or else a diploma.” But then a door opened unexpectedly: The former TV Director Max Sieber (76) invited Nina Havel to the Casting for his Musical, “Heiweh – Wanderlust”, the on 8. December celebrates in the exhibition hall 1 in Lucerne Premiere.

Alone, but not lonely

The “Benissimo”-makers Havel had brought back in 2003 for two seasons as a presenter on “music star”. “I had to, but otherwise the Casting like,” says Havel. This was also the case for the daughter of Sieber: Cristina Maria (26), with plays, just like Ronja Borer (28), daughter of singer Bo Katzman (67). “He is in the Musical, my man,” said Havel, who is in real life a Single.

“It’s not easy to find the matching counterpart. Lonely I am. Friends and family are often to visit. And to have the neighbors I also have a good reference. This is a village, in the greetings in the Store and on the road with the name.”

artist’s soul with a lot of Rock ‘n’ Roll

For the Musical she is very well equipped, also without diplomas: even as a six-year-old has danced to Rock ‘n’ Roll, later, she was for 13 years in Jazz dance, and in high school, she took the first private singing lessons. “I have an artist’s soul, I live in private, be it Painting, Writing, making Music or Knitting. And I renovate well, in my house, here there is still a lot of things.” Spending a lot of time for your soon – on 21. October it starts in the Viscosistadt in emmenbrücke LU with the samples. “Probably, I’m going to find me a room in the surroundings of Luzern, also for the time during the musical.”

What is she doing in this time with your dog? “I’ll take him and hope that he can be as often as possible. From time to time, he must wait in the dressing room.” Maybe Kolya has a small role in the piece. Yelp he can, and bilingual, he is also. Havel speaks in Czech with him, the little mongrel comes from their original home, where her father lives. “Kolya came in the forest to the world, your mother is a half-wild dog. That is why we fit so well together. I had to give him just a beautiful home.”