Nina Derwael, this summer, in Tokyo and our best hope for an olympic gold should be. The day after the decision, she’s still not sure what the delay should be posting. “It gives me more time with my new exercises, but to others as well.”

in The year of the deferral of the Olympic Games, there has been surely hacked for the turnmeisjes the eliteschool in Ghent, belgium. “We were all sitting there together when the news came out. The 18-year olds on the side of the youngest children at the boarding school, but they were right for us,” says Nina Derwael. “We didn’t know how to react to it. Of course, we had to see this coming, but still, it’s disappointing that the Games are so long, have been postponed. Health is, of course, on top of everything. However, it will still be a while before we are in this process.”

No more training

the Derwael to do her life story through a video-conference, with a shaky internet connection from the family home in Sint-Truiden, belgium. In Gent, they are, after all, nothing is lost. The training sessions are immediately terminated because of the exception for the Tokyo kids, it is no longer valid. The Gymfed is going to be there from the 5th of april the weather can be trained.

Photos: BELGA

the offer of the federation to be at home, but a bridge-to-install, take Derwael is not too serious. “I’ve been in Ghent, do what fitness equipment is taken into account”, spoke to them. “It was a privilege that we are allowed to work out, but it stops now. I’m going to be home in quarantine, the fit keep. But that’s not the same thing. For four years, we have worked for in the summer of 2020, and for now, that will turn into a year. We don’t know what the calendar is going to look like. Work out without the need to know what league you are concentrates, that is, it is not the same thing.”

the Competition is approaching.

The big question is: are its sporting odds is the same as the Play one year later, searching for an explanation. Derwael, who, tomorrow, will celebrate her 20th birthday, took place in 2018, with an edge of the bridge and the uneven bars. However, the competition is for the gap to be sealed. “Everyone will have a year to prepare for that day. The others will make progress, but I did. In my practice, for Tokyo was fast, but now we need to re-examine whether there is a better option. With an extra year, we might be able to view the new evidence.”

as a Coach, and Marjorie Heuls, agrees: “This is good for Nina. They will now have more time to take her practice to the level. She had a bit of a head start on the competition, and if they’re continuing to make progress, they can be preserved. Nina is the age of puberty to be over, and her body type is not necessary. This is for the young gymnastes, but they are at the beginning of the cycle, and get a year’s period of time in order to get better. When Nina is in 2016 at the Rio went out, we knew also that, in 2017, it would be better. I see nothing but problems for athletes who are at the end of the cycle, and now it’s suddenly a year and have to do it. We should talk to.”

Heuls, is in a similar situation as The Martinez and the head coach in football, is also in her contract to this summer. “We’re going to revisit it, but I don’t think that it is there to be a problem.” As well as qualifying for the Play, the French coach, is not worried: “I can catch that in the PIC that the countries that qualified were and continue to be. Only the places that are not yet completed and were still need to be gathered together.”

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