For even if the season is over for a long time ago and it is a sea of time to the next start, is Stina Nilsson is clearly not on the latsiden just days after the Sunday it was clear that she switch from cross country skiing to biathlon.

Full of big bruising

SVT met namely Nilsson during a training session in Östersund in Sweden on Wednesday. Where she has through this week trained on how to the fastest possible lay down on the skytematten and how just as quickly stand up again on the site.

It has put its mark on the body of Nilsson.

After the interview with SVT let the 26-year-old out a picture not to get me wrong. Training has been considerably beyond the knees of her. Wednesday was full of large bruises.

“See all skiskytteres knees like this?” asked Nilsson its over 130.000 followers on Instagram on Wednesday.

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See alla skidskyttars knän out as här? Frågar of a mate…. ?✌?

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She got the answer immediately. The Swedish skiskytterstjernen Hanna Öberg warns and asks Nilsson joy to the much harder asfaltflaten in the summer. The German Denise Herrmann – who even switched from cross country skiing to biathlon a few years ago – answer “yes” on svenskens questions with capital letters.

According to national team coach for the Swedish skiskytterne, Anders Bystrøm, using Nilsson a lot of time on the site.

– Approximately 800 shots in a week, he says to NRK.

NRK-EXPERT: Ola Lunde.

Photo: Vidar Ruud – Here are bet it!

NRK-expert Ola Lunde was earlier this week, not particularly impressed with the Nilssons striker after seeing a video of the swede on the site. He believed she did a lot of wrong and predicted that it may take a long time before she takes his first victory in the world cup.

But after seeing the picture Wednesday is the tone different.

– Here are bet it! Don’t think I’ve seen so many skiskyttere with such knees. Think I need to give a new statement regarding her opportunities next winter, ” he says.

atlantic Puffin is very surprised at how much time Nilsson invest at the shooting range already now and that 800 shots in a week shows that she terper very much.

– It is far above normal in this part of the season. It is well perhaps firegangen of the skiskytterne would shot if it had been arranged, NM this week. But it is important that she gets proper follow-up of a good skytetrener, otherwise she can quickly get the wrong habits that are difficult to change.

The big queen from this year’s skiskytter world cup in Anterselva, Marte Olsbu Røiseland, reply, so when she gets to see the deep blue of the knees:

– So yes! It is not on the effort it looks like, but would recommended her to use a skytematte…

GOLD WHOLESALER: Marte Olsbu Røiseland shows off all the medals during his year skiskytter world cup in Italy.

Photo: TIZIANA FABI / AFP test shooting gave the feel good factor

The large spenningsmomentet around Nilssons skiskytterkarriere is not about langrennsferdigheter or capacity in the slot, but about how she is going to cope with to begin to shoot down five flashes with a high pulse at the location.

she tells us that She got våpenlisensen a few weeks ago. It was in a good time before she took any decision that she, indeed, already now should switch sports. She actually had to out and try to shoot for himself before she took a decision.

– once I got the gun on my back, so I knew that this was cool. Then grew there (the decision to switch sports) forward, ” she says.

the world cup is the goal

That there is so much she does not know about biathlon and how it works, was one of the things that made it most interesting.

– I love the details. I like when I get interested in an almost “manic” level. It’s cool. For skiskyttere, there are so many small things, which you do not know about or notice as a TV viewer.

On questions about the world cup already next season is within reach, she says the following:

– Yes, it (the world cup) is certainly the end point. Hopefully I’m going to have a good utviklingskurve, but I know that it can take time. And the time I have a lot of, I know, ” says Nilsson, and grins.