Nikita Vysotsky did not give permission to use the image of the father is in the FBI

Photo: – Federal Bureau of Investigation

the FBI is asking customers to share information that could help in “combating the threats”. The office asks you to contact everyone who “has information that can help the FBI.” Links in the advertisements lead to the program page of counterintelligence at the FBI field office in Washington in Russian and English languages.

Photo: the Son of Vysotsky commented on is the FBI with a photograph of the father

“If you have information that may assist the FBI in performing its tasks, please contact our regional office, says in the ad. – You will be able to give us information in a confidential setting with complete privacy”.

the FBI regularly places these ads in the Russian language, however earlier it was not observed the use of such popular images as Vysotsky.

– This is a good job. I say this including as the former head of an advertising Agency, says the writer-the writers Sergey Litvinov. – Taken into account our mentality in which whistleblowing has always been historically and categorically bad. And here it is brightened up by a picture, a slogan and a image of the hero, maybe the most positive of our law enforcement officers.

Photo: From the collection of Alexander Sternin what company ROS Vladimir Vysotsky

According to Litvinova, this kind of advertising can and “play” – andsome compatriots will come and something will tell the FBI “in a confidential setting with complete privacy”. They say, it’s Vysotsky called me!

And how competent the portrait of Vysotsky is in the foreign office?

Nikita Vysotsky knows nothing that is given permission, the copyright holders of the painting “the meeting Place cannot be changed” and the heirs of Vladimir Vysotsky.

– what appears in the public mind father, concerns my brother, Arkady, and me and Marina Vlady. We, of course, nothing asked. But even if I was asked, I, of course, permits such use to the image of the father would not give. They just took something that is bad.

Nikita Vladimirovich believes that his rights are thus violated. Of course, litigate in the U.S. is expensive and difficult, but to understand what has happened and definitely worth it.

“the meeting Place cannot be changed. We have something to talk about,” writes the FBI in the portrait of Vladimir Semenovich in Facebook. But here pertinently to remember the song Vysotsky “In our close circle has not got one” – about a rat who “sold all in a row”. The hero of the song is asking you to give him the traitor when they find. The final song behind the scenes.