It is three to four years ago, to the controversial footballer Nicki Bille met Nikita all member.

Wednesday had the series about the Danish footballer premiere of the TV 2 Play, which you can read more about here.

It is Nikita all member organises at, and in connection with the premiere, she lifts the veil of how their friendship started years back.

“We got a little in the same urban environment and had many of the same friends. He wrote something to me on Instagram at one time, it was something completely ridiculous,” says Nikita all member and tells what the now 32-year-old man actually wrote.

“It was something along the lines of: ‘If we should play ‘Star Wars’ and battle with the lightsaber, what color would your lightsaber be?’ It seemed I was just huge fun, and I thought that he seemed like a cool type. Him I would like to be friends with. And then we have been friends since.”

the Tv series on the TV 2 Play goes quite close to the last year of fodboldspillerens life, where drinking and drugs, a deadliest single targeted killing, threats and a skudepsiode, which could have cost him his life, has stolen the headlines.

“He is enormously fun, and quite naturally the life of the party. There are a lot of sides of him, as one does not see in the media. He is hugely reflected, he is caring, it is among other things, some of the pages, which we would like to have back,” says Nikita all member of Nicki Bille.

“When I in the past have mentioned to people that I was friends with him, I have well been able to notice that people are automatically skeptical. It is indeed natural, for he does not hide the fact that he has been out in a lot of unfortunate cases. But there is just so much more to him than just that.”