She has known Nicki Bille in three-four years, and now she has to make a documentary on the controversial footballer.

the celebrity Nikita all member are both one of Nicki Bille close friends, but also organise a series about Beetle, which today has the premiere of the TV 2 Play.

“He doesn’t try to excuse his behavior, but the fact is that he has some demons he is struggling with. You cannot get around it. It is wild how much he dares to show up. It is enormously vulnerable and enormously vulnerable period, we were allowed to film him in,” says Nikita all member of B. T. in the aftermath of the premiere.

the Series, which consists of seven sections, dealing with Nicki Bille tumultuous life. Drugs, alcohol, lawsuits, and a shooting incident is, among other things on the menu, and the attacker does not hide on some of the parts.

Even for Nikita all member know Nicki Bille private, she has learned the former player to know in a new way.

“I have always known, that he was not as portrayed in the media. He is not stupid or a bad person, he is not a bad boy, that just pisses on it all. But I have really been closed in farther, and I’m very impressed by how he has been able to open up and share all of its dark sides.”

In the series tells the player, who in recent years has hit the headlines for much other than just the game with the round ball, for the first time about the night he was shot in the right arm. It was on Tuesday 25. december 2018.

the Shooting took place in his apartment, and in the series it is evident from the violent images that the apartment was smeared with blood that fateful night. In addition, it appears also a picture of the attacker’s arm is ripped apart.

“I found out about it through the media,” says Nikita all member.

“You didn’t know exactly what happened and who the victim was to start with. It was hugely scary, that you did not know what was going on.”

all member got the news that Nicki Bille himself was hit by the player’s family, as she initially could not come in direct contact with him.

She also says that many of the “unfortunate cases” like the 32-year-old man has been through, often have had a connection to alcohol. For example, the attacker has been in court to have threatened a nurse, have threatened a with a gun, have killed a doorman and have been in possession of cocaine.

in Fact, the attacker has been through so much, that he in one of the sections tells that he sometimes has been afraid of himself.

“For him it is a recognition of the fact that there have been situations where he could not control his emotions. He ends up in many unfortunate situations, because he can’t keep control of his emotions. It bubbles over inside of him,” says Nikita all member.

so far, it is not evident to the program, whether Nicki Bille has finally decided to put the boots on the shelf after several unsuccessful klubophold, most recently in Lyngby and in Ishøj.

Previously Bille played in clubs such as FC Nordsjælland, Spanish Villarreal, Rosenborg, Evian in France, Esbjerg, Polish Lech Poznan and the Greek club Panionios.