Lauda, on 1. August 1976, jumped into the fire of hell at the Nürburgring for the first time, the death of the shovel, on the phone almost daily with his Team. He hopes that next week (starting Tuesday) better news, or Test results from Spain.

Lauda has to wait – a little Party

“It Niki is now much better. The rehab went well, but he is popping up in the foreseeable future on a track,” betrayed his friend and Red Bull Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko (76).

The birthday celebration will be held in a small frame. Too great is the risk of infection after lung transplantation in August 2018 with a larger crowd. Yes, even the flowers could be dangerous. And even a small flu, (like in January) can captivate the still weakened Lauda back to the bed.

Bernie on the telephone from Gstaad

Servus TV, Lauda was dedicated on Monday a large consignment of the well-wishers, Marko, Berger and stucco. His previous sent counter-player at McLaren, Alain Prost (lost the 1984 world championship against team-mate Lauda by half a point) from Barcelona, a video message.

the Mercedes Team sent to Niki the best of luck wishes via Video. And Bernie Ecclestone will be making phone calls to his former Brabham-pilot on Friday from Gstaad: “one of these insane types will get the formula 1 never more!”

Mercedes 0.8 seconds back?

for Three days they sought the silver arrows of Lewis Hamilton (34) and Valtteri Bottas (29) in vain among the fastest drivers. The Duo shares a day. What Ferrari makes, for example.

The comments from the Mercedes camp were poor: “We rewind our program down!” Behind the Scenes, however, was to hear that the world champion of the last five years to have aerodynamic problems, and the gap to Ferrari to 0.8 seconds. evaluates. Another Bluff?

The time hunt begins…

Also on Thursday, the silver arrows have not shone in the sun. But at least Hamilton could, and in the afternoon, Bottas, the softer, the object itself mount tires.

3 colors, 5 mixtures!

This year Pirelli with a few mixtures, (only 5 instead of 7) is on the road and the tires now have only three colors:

White (Hart, C1 and C2)

Yellow (Medium C3)

Red (Soft, C4 and C5)

the tires for a wet runway:

Green (Intermediate)

Blue (rain tires)

Albon: A Thai come so far greetings

Shortly before noon, Daniel Ricciardo sat down with his new GP-toys Renault in thousandths of a crime to the top. Shortly thereafter, the “Shocker Team” from the Wednesday, was also at the top. According to the Russian Daniil Kvyat (winner of the day on Wednesday) also showed his team-mate, Thai newcomer Alex Albon (22), that the Toro Rosso-Honda want to be in the midfield.

The best time of Albon with 1:17,637 was also the fastest time of the week! The world karting champion of 2010) last year in the formula 2 series, a good overall third behind Russell (now Williams), and Norris (now McLaren.

note, the Honda engine

The secret of Toro Rosso? The Japanese engine is really reliable and will have 950 HP, only 20 to 30 HP less than the two top teams of Mercedes and Ferrari. 2018 conceded Yes Hartley and Gasly all season criminal courts, because Honda had to change the engine, with the Toro Rosso, almost in the chord!

in Addition, the B-Team of Red Bull now got half the car delivered and found with the front wing so far, is the better solution. The experts: “The front wings at Toro Rosso directs the air more to the outside of the car. In the case of Red Bull, the air goes directly to the top.”

winner Hulkenberg

Shortly before 17 o’clock, the best time to shone then in the case of Nico Hulkenberg (31) – 1:17,393. The new Renault-duel with the championship-Sixth Ricciardo spurred the rapid German, but also to 156 pedestal-free formula-1-inserts!

The experts are not in agreement, who will be in 2019, the faster man in the French factory team. The previously good reputation can actually lose Ricciardo. By the way, rolled Hulkenberg shortly after his best time of: Since you had emptied only a few drops of Fuel in the Tank…

Williams does not move – more…

for the First time, sass Robert Kubica (34) in the Morning in the Williams-Mercedes. On Wednesday, the British formula 2 champion George Russell had retracted the late car for the first time. With 23, slow rounds.

The Pole Kubica, three TV Crews accompanied, groped with a lot of frustration in the belly up to the break with at least 48 rounds of the competition, but remained in the FW42 with 1:21,542 clearly behind the competition.

Russell faster than Kubica

in The afternoon, Russell took in the Williams only five rounds to be about a half a second faster than Kubica. At the end of the Test, at 18 o’clock there were then a total of 17 rounds, only 0.6 seconds ahead.

What helps the ailing world championship-final light. To is large the residue. Team boss Claire Williams: “I know our Fans are disappointed. The rumors, which is not to say that we stand with two cars on the world Cup Start in Melbourne, I must deny vehemently.”

Racing Point: DRS System to be haunted

The former Force India car, before selling it seven months ago with great results on the road, did not come so far as a Racing Point-Mercedes is still in the right mood. The new toy of billionaire Lawrence Stroll has to solve for next week, the most important Problem. The end of the strike or even failure at the end of the DRS System. The driver can fold the wings on the two long Straights down. Stroller and Pérez are so handicapped.

red Giovinazzi copied Kimi

In the case of Alfa-Clean is always working harder. And in contrast to previous years, the pesky kids from permanently disease. Antonio Giovinazzi (25) shot 154 rounds or 716 kilometres. Daily record! In the first three days, the Italian and the Finn Kimi had Raikkonen (39) daily, 114, 101, and 138 laps reeled off.

Giovinazzi, six minutes before the end of the Test at the pit exit remained, and shortly afterwards, on the slopes, rolled out, causing two red flags. And ended all the dreams of the opponents of fast laps…

The southern Italians now admits: “I still have much to learn and copy, therefore, the functioning and the driving style of Kimi. Has so much more experience and also vote for the Team is then a lot easier.” So an honest statement heard in the formula 1 never…

Test results

Barcelona, 4. Day (18 PM)


1. Hulkenberg (Renault) 1:17,393

2. Albon (Toro Rosso-Honda) 1:17,637

3. Ricciardo (Renault) 1:17,785

4. Bottas (Mercedes) 1:17,875

5. Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:17,977

6. Leclerc (Ferrari) 1:18,046

7. Norris (McLaren-Renault) 1:18,431

8. Giovinazzi (Alfa-Clean) 1:18,511

9. Grosjean (Haas-Ferrari) 1:18,563

10. Magnussen (Haas-Ferrari) 1:18,720

11. Gasly (Red Bull Honda) 1:18,780

12. Stroller (Racing Point-Mercedes) 1:19,664

13. Russell (Williams-Mercedes) 1:20,997

14. Kubica (Williams-Mercedes) 1:21,542


Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:16,173