Nike Borzov missed the sound through the space

field experiments increased new fruit. The whole year was to work on the album, the name of which Nike is voiced only now — in an exclusive interview with “ZD”. According to him, it is radically different from all that can be heard in our time and over the past decade as a whole. February 28 comes a collection of remixes of the first single from the LP “Reaction in the sun” made by DJ Groove, Andrew Oujda group Oligarkh. The latter has already indicated its version of the song Borzov “Acid is God”, which he considers surpassed the original. The artist recalls how and why “died for all” in 2003, talks about ulcers time and explains why the limitation of technical capacity can give you limitless freedom.

Nike, tell us about your attitude to prizes and awards. Whether they are motivated in some way?

– it’s Nice to celebrate, but of course music I do not for awards. For me it is not a measure of merit and achievements. If a person believes that he received awards as an indicator that he is doing his job really good, better than any other, is to some extent self-deception. In our country for sure.

If you compare with the world standards, we are lagging behind and the quality of the material, and the recording quality and time, methods of sound production. We have problems with groove. Many artists who are considered national heroes, not just fall into the rhythm of the notes. We are far even from the Golden mean.

of Course, there are people who write original music in Russian, but nobody is celebrating. The radio station occupied mostly by those who pay for the broadcasts. There is no competition. People are used to this system, and it suits them.

It’s not only music. We don’t live life to the fullest, breathe deeply, and try to find the outhouse crack to at least a little breathe of fresh air. Culture is not developed, not cultivated, and tradition, — either in art or in education.

If the analogy, imagine that the child was born, thenonly started to get up, holding onto the wall, and he said: “Oh, well done!” And immediately sent to the street make the dough — how can, and do. But no matter how many screaming that the problem is in the power, in fact we deserve a Governor who have. Themselves to blame, go to the mirror and say, “You can do nothing, achieved nothing,” because the problems of each individual within itself. If you want the street was clean to start clean up on my patio — that’s the whole logic, a philosophy of life.

What helps all the same not to give up and move forward, despite everything that is happening around?

-Just nothing else. I can’t help it and can’t imagine myself without what I do. That’s what gives my life meaning. If you stop doing it, just die and that’s it. Why?

there Was a time when I died for all. Some people thought that physically — even in the press wrote about it. It happened in 2003 after playing in the play “Nirvana”: I went underground and emerged only in 2010. for 7 years I was in the ethereal space.

When I started to give concerts, many did not believe that I am alive. Sometimes I do that. Do not plan to repeat the experience, at least for such a long time, but, nevertheless, when I write an album, completely cut off themselves from the outside world. I have accumulated enough experiences before, and when I sit down in the Studio, for me, there are only the songs — how they make, record.

What’s happening now?

I’m still working on the album “blood maker” and you first announce his name. Over the past decade, I’ve released two albums — “Inside” (2010) and “Everywhere and nowhere” (2014) (double-release “Molecules” I don’t think — it was not new material but a collection of re-recorded songs).

If you compare the principle of operation on them and what I do now is completely opposite of history. There I used any means — bold Studio, dear musicians the apparatus , which would have envied many Western artists, an analog 48-channel recorders, any room for recording drums. I want a bomb shelter? Please! A long tunnel? Without question.

Now I decided to make a record entirely on a different principle, in a good way — went back to their childish. Took what I have himself, he locked the room and for the year recorded in her album, as I did at home in the 80s, in the 90s…

About the same in the basement of the children’s music school, was written “Superman”, the 20th anniversary of which I celebrated this year. I deliberately limited itself in the media because in such conditions the most active start to experiment. The head includes the designer, the formation of new neural connections. I need to consider how best to record instruments.

My friend has built me a tube preamp (electronic amplifier that converts a small electrical signal into a more powerful. — Approx. ed.). Vlad Kramer, nicknamed Mr. fix-it is one of the most talented modern sound engineers in Russia. He had long derived a theory that tube, analog sound and space. Because the bulb is a vacuum, like space.

in Addition, I use some strange makeshift microphones, and other devices. Recording drums on 15 channels, as is customary, and on 2 and it sounds really cool. I first wanted to do a demo, and at the end of the day realized that a ready final version of the song and nothing to rewrite I do not want.

Photo: Vladimir Vasilchikov

— what brought all these experiments?

– the Album is completely different from what generally is happening in the music. It is difficult to fit easily into any genre boundaries. I used mostly live instruments, electronics — very dosed. Much recorded myself, but plugwere also and musicians from my band — guitarists Vladimir “Roots” Kornienko and Artem Sadovnikov, drummers Eugene Borden and Fedor Popov, keyboard player Vadim Kaverin and Evgeny Sokolovsky.

In the song “Wave of the past” are two backing vocal parts performed by Nadya Gritskevich (project “Nada”. — Approx. ed.) and Lena Kaufman, and in the song “Hear the darkness” is the second single from the LP, which is now removed the clip, you can hear my daughter Vika.

in Parallel, she began to write songs, on the arrangements which we are working and preparing to release her first EP. It’s very funny: I have long had a dream to clone themselves in the image of a girl, singing in my tone, but, naturally, female voice. Now I see not a clone, of course, but this mini me, he sings to some songs, and it’s kind of cool, crazy psychedelic story feels.

Returning to a fresh plate, if you can call it conceptual?

– I do like to find the concept of all — this is my theme. When it was ready tracklist of 9 songs, I realized that it emerges certain blocks. I call them elements — philosophical, consisting of 3 songs, romantic, mind-bending and spiritual — of 2 tracks each.

Interestingly, there are a lot of Parallels with the already mentioned album “Superman”, released in 2000. the Output of both in the first half of the year. On the music video “Reaction in the sun” is the debut single from the album “blood of the Creator” — worked as a student operator, who shot the video for the first single “Three words” from “Superman”. There vocals were performed by my ex-wife Ruslana Borzova, here is a poet already daughter Victoria vols.

Working title of the new album began with the letter “C”. I wanted to call it “Supernova”, but thought, when will the next, it will look strange. Then it will not work to leave out of time, and it will be relevant only to the past but the past does not exist for me.

And you still celebrate anniversaries of iconic works from the past. In the fall, for example, there was a concert in honor of the 25th anniversary of the album “Closed.” Interestingly, it still sounds completely relevant. What is the secret?

– Simply when I am in the process, then, removing the head, do not try to bring the songs to a common denominator, do not think about whether they will appear on the air would take if the HYIP, you are on the first lines of the charts. The main thing for me is to make them as close to how I feel and I hear that song in the ending sounded with the same mood, which she initially plays in my head. I care a lot more.

In this sense, I still live outside of time, everywhere and nowhere, like the eponymous album. His music and I constantly ahead of time. Perhaps that is why she always shoots immediately: in order to understand it, people sometimes need to listen a few times, something to worry about.

— is the opportunity to do side projects?

– last year I concentrated solely on his album and cut off all thoughts of doing something else if they arise. It worked: I very abruptly reared themselves. As a monk.

Now I have a transcendent level of peace that I can launch into space ships and overcome the supersonic speed. (Smiles.) At the moment there is a parallel history. In addition to working with my daughter is a solo project of my friend Igor “Hippo” Bazhanov, an ideologue of the cult group “XS”, which collapsed last year. I participated in the work on his material — it’s such a punk rave-chanson, insane, avant-garde, schizophrenic stream of consciousness. I play the drums, something to write, a lot of singing.

in addition, there is the experimental group Killer Honda that we have created in his time with Maxim Shevchenko and Arina White. We have not declared the collapse, but three years can not release the second album. Really only have to write our max back-vocal parTII, percussion, and all this to settle.

More recently, I found a homemade recording of their first group “Infection”, which was created when I was 14 years old. This coil with the double album, 1987, in cool quality. I have more than 30 years believed it was lost. Materials will be released on limited edition cassettes and CDs along with all the other created during the existence of the “Infections”, including the concert.

Let’s talk a little bit about the sore. In the beginning of the interview you said that some artists get paid for the broadcasts. What’s the point, if it is at breakneck speed technology is developing and all can be found on the Internet?

– tended to his art work provide a successful tour in the farthest corners of the country — it is just the flow. The Internet yet doesn’t work like that: only more mobile mental people who are not lazy, there are looking for something, digging, and most still prefer to sit in front of the TV, switching channels. Such people more than those who want to do something to find, to develop.

But, of course, although it is accepted to speak about the differences of the public in big cities and in the provinces, everywhere there are those who care about the beauty, the pursuit of it. Since I don’t do a mass product, to my concerts in different parts of our country are people who have something in common, those seeking.

— What color to you is the definition of “Russian rock”?

– Rather it’s a pejorative. I think it has become a household name and it’s used when people want to insult, make it clear that he is not in the subject.

Just the concept of the “rock” wider. In this, as in any musical direction, there are many nuances, divided, branches. Speaking about Russian rock, I have long been invited as expert to a radio station that is specially focussed on this genre. There was a need to Express their opinion about the music of new young guys — and then by results of voting of listeners already taken a decision that will they live.

Almost all copied “Alice”, “the spleen” “the Siskin & Co” and other mastodons. But recently I went at 5 am to the airport and heard on the radio in the taxi the song that I did not like it, but clearly falls under the category of “Russian rock” and not similar to what was created earlier. That is, now there’s a new young formation of the so-called Russian rockers. It is interesting to observe such a cyclical.