Artist Nikas Safronov told how much money he spends per month. He revealed the amount in an interview with “television programs”.

“I all the money that you earn — spend immediately. Not used to delay. Can spend a million a month, two, five”, — said the artist. He said that for the life of him you little — “a piece of cheese, a bottle of good wine and bread” as well as the easel and paint.

Safronov added that helps financially to his family, and spends the money to charity. The artist also said that during the pandemic did not fire any of its employees, despite the fact that his own income has decreased.

In may Safronov has responded to the complaints of the stars that are left without income due to quarantine. The artist expressed the confidence that a well-earning person is obliged to save funds. “I err, and now use those resources has postponed”, — said Safronov.