Nika Belotserkovskaya

Secular gossip about the problems in the family of Boris Belotserkovsky and his wife Polina Askeri-Belotserkovsky, due to the fact that the man supposedly seeking rapprochement with his ex-wife Nika Belotserkovskaya has led to unexpected results.

In his instagram nickname, who strongly denies all the rumors and asks to leave ex-wife alone, once again commented on one of the messages in the telegram, simultaneously revealing the author’s identity anonymous channel “the Heroine of Tatler”.

Belotserkovsky argues that the channel is Natalia Luchaninova. The news sparked interest among other authors in the telegram. So, channel “Antigenic” already confirmed this assumption.

Natalia Luchaninova

We measure the forces for and found confirmation of this. Great author, old dear secular chronicler, who is the admin of “Antigenic” in life to remember the column in the “Tatler” about how technically fall on the tail secured with a friend and take a ride on her yacht. By the way, according to our information channel of the Heroine is included in the net pretty well-read blonde, actively buying okolovodnye and parapolitical channels

— said the team “Antigenic”.

However, official confirmation of these assumptions yet. In the channel “the Heroine of Tatler” while a clear comment on this subject has not appeared. The author had merely reposted the message “Antigenic” with a short remark.

Well, girls, since when Natalia Luchaninova — a great author? And what about blondes in milk,

reads in a new post in the “Character of Tatler”.

Recall that Natalia Luchaninova was the first editor of the secular chronicle of Russian Vogue, in 2016, was appointed creative Director of “Style” publishing house “Kommersant”.