The green-liberal national councillor Jürg Large a enough next week a motion of censure, in order to examine the re-introduction of the Swiss night trains. So those who have removed the SBB in 2009. For the SBB, there is no going Back. On request, the media spokesman for Christian Ginsig says: “The offer for night train services will be covered by the night trains of the Austrian Federal government.”

The night train traffic was for the SBB a niche business. In addition, the trains had arrived, some from the sixties, at the end of their service life. The purchase of new vehicles was too expensive.

ÖBB made their night fleet afloat

Better it runs at the neighbors. The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) operate your night train division to cover costs. “The night train traffic to be profitable only above a certain Size,” explains spokesman Bernhard Rieder. Since the Deutsche Bahn in 2016, sold its fleet of the ÖBB, you will become a Europe-wide market leader in the international night train traffic.

The night train traffic on the ÖBB, more and more travel. Of the 36 million passengers in long-distance transport of around 1.4 million today, the so-called Nightjet. “And the trend is rising,” says Rieder. In August 2018, one of the three ordered ten new night trains, which are to be integrated in 2021 and into the net. Well possible, that you remove then the night train services in Switzerland.

Currently, travellers from Switzerland can travel to eight European cities in Austria, Germany, Croatia and Prague. The most popular routes Zurich–Vienna and Zurich–Hamburg-from 29 Euro.