Today – 16 may – time for major excursions that can be made from the comfort of home. You say: Yes, every day I travel online! And you’re right. However, the annual action “Museum Night”, which was first held virtual, art institutions had in store a special program: game, quests, concerts, tours, discussions. On the limitless activities of the Museum night – a review of “MK”.

the Night in the Hermitage

the Largest Museum in Russia opens its doors to visitors without disturbing insulation. The journey can be made in the company of the Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky (start 21.00). He will talk not only about the past and present of the Hermitage, but also about his future – will present the project of the Museum development includes a complex of buildings in different areas of the city. And then enjoy “Night in the Hermitage”. First, you can travel back in time to the Museum, watching a movie in 1989 (the start – 23.00), then to the present, again having walked around the Museum together with Mikhail Piotrovsky. But only to see it was night, the Hermitage, what he knows only a special service of the Museum. And under cover of night, as you know, open the most intimate secrets.

Symbols in the Russian Museum

the Russian Museum also awaits guests to 21.00. Here we will talk about the characters. First on the online tour – “the Role and place of the symbols in the interiors of the Marble Palace”. But this historic Palace, which was built in the last third of the XVIII century, holds many symbols and allegories… At 21.30 – next online round. Now at the Stroganov dvoreca and non-obvious signs. Further to 22.00 – six mini-excursion from the cycle “the hidden meaning of famous paintings” from the leading specialist tour and lecture Department of the Russian Museum Akhunov Valery. He will tell you about the secret signs on the picture of K. P. Bryullov “the Last days of Pompeii”, what is Neostem or where did the “brazen serpent” with a picture of F. A. Bruni, and much more. Together with Valery – at 23.00 – another journey – in the Mihajlovsky Palace. And at midnight – final sightseeing tour from Olga Rachkova, leading specialist of scientific-educational activity of the Russian Museum, in the secret places of the Russian Museum.

Ah, Arbat, my Arbat…

Optionally, to wander about at night at the museums. We sat in four walls. The virtual, using their own imagination and erudite tour guide, now you can go on the street – in the centre of Moscow on the Old Arbat. Library of history of Russian philosophy and culture “the Losev House” has prepared a series of virtual tours of Arbat lanes. It will not only walk, but you can find “Tales of Old Arbat” and “Footage of Old Arbat”.

Become a secret agent in Tsaritsyno

Specially for the action “Night at the Museum” Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno” has prepared the premiere of two long-term projects, two literary stream (adult and children), one illustrative exhibition, two interactive tours and single photographic master-class. But the most exciting adventure invented a Park is an opportunity to become a secret agent. At 16.00 you will be transferred to the reserve, for example, to feed the squirrels. However, in this quest will have to think: that your command was executed you need to answer the interesting questions. So it’s not just a virtual walk, but also intelligent charging.

Museum of Tsvetaeva – though in Africa, at least in Tibet

the Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva, you will not only walk on the exposure online or listen to poetry. Special guest of the Museum night – Nina Shatskaya. Not only is she a great singer, diva of Russian romance, but also the author of travel books. Together with Nina, they can go to a virtual tour around the world throughout the planet and learn about the life, traditions and customs of different peoples of the world. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mongolia, Africa, Tibet – participants of the virtual tour will be the most amazing and unexplored regions. Start at 20: 00.

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