In the state Duma propose to allow the sale only in drugstores nekulturny-nicotine products — the so-called nikakav or Snykov. For this you need to complete the list is valid for implementation in farmazya goods. Players of the tobacco market do not support the idea, emphasizing that Nikki cannot be considered as a means to combat Smoking.The Committee on health protection state Duma has finalized a draft law on the regulation of alternative devices for Smoking, taking into account the observations of the state legal Department (GPU) presidential administration. The GPU was considered advisable to introduce separate regulation of traditional cigarettes and alternative products, as the effect and influence on an organism of new categories is still not well understood. Regulation of this category has already caused in the state Duma the most acute controversy. As explained “Kommersant” Deputy Sergey Boyarsky, whose amendment to the bill of the GPU and recommended to take as a basis for further refinement, the parliamentarians discussed the issue of a total ban-nicotine products that are consumed by sucking. Also consider limiting the maximum allowable amount of nicotine in them, said Mr. Boyarsky.As a result, amendments to the bill provide that in 2023 turnover nekulturny-nicotine products would be impossible if it does not comply with mandatory requirements, rules of identification, “forms, schemes and procedures of conformity assessment”, the document says. The bill proposes amendments to 61-FZ on circulation of medicines, which according to the list available in the pharmacy networks of the goods is added and numerically-nicotine products.General Director DSM Group Sergey shuljak considers that the problems with supplies in the pharmacy network for tobacco companies will not be, as they have built supply chain and marketing bonuses. However, market participants are not too optimistic. Director of Department for work with state bodies “BAT Russia” (produces nikaki LIFT) Oleg Barvin notes that this category of products is not nicotinecontaining, but an alternative way of consuming nicotine. Therefore, according to Mr. Barvin, it should be available in retail outlets where cigarettes are implemented.Maria Kotovaara of the bill on the regulation of electronic Smoking devices Senator Valery Ryazansky has developed amendments to the second reading of the document. He considers necessary a complete ban on the implementation of securitising products if they are not registered as medical products. He also proposes to limit the promotion of all other devices by analogy with cigarettes��. This approach threatens the loss in sales is primarily British American Tabaco (BAT) and Philip Morris International (PMI), is actively promoting an alternative to cigarettes.Read more