Hollywood Star Nicolas Cage wanted to know, once again, After he had divorced three times already, should Erika Koike, he is since the spring of 2018, the love for the Rest of his life.

According to the US celebrity Portal “TMZ” has Cage requested on the last weekend in Las Vegas, a marriage license. His Erika should be noted already as a future wife.

But now the pop: Just four days after the “marriage” went to the Cage on Wednesday to the court and asked a judge to annul the marriage. The online portal of the respective court files.

apart Koike on cage’s assets?

On a Video was to see how Cage speaks in front of the courthouse upset and suggests that it had apart Koike his money.

such As “TMZ”reported, loud his Argument that he had been at the time of the marriage, under the influence of alcohol and, therefore, is not imputation was capable of. So far, the two have neither to marry nor to the flash-expressed. The cancellation should be granted, the Hollywood Star has a conventional application for divorce, to end the four-day marriage. (nim)