Nico Rosberg has competed in his career against a lot of competitors, but which for him was the most annoying opponent, he can fall to answer without hesitation: Max verse! “If he is in the vicinity, this increases my risk of failure by ten times”, with the laughs of the former formula 1 world champion in the conversation .

The Dutchman is on the route as a real daredevil and especially in the early days of his formula 1 career due to his style of driving heavily in the criticism. With a Shudder, Rosberg still remembers the duels against the Youngster, who was pulled in Rosberg’s world Cup 2016 from Toro Rosso to Red Bull high.

The German had to defend his lead in the last four race of the season, beating team-mate Lewis Hamilton. Even if Hamilton would win all the Grands Prix – which he did -, had Rosberg passed on in the dominant Mercedes four second places. A failure, however, would have been for the world Cup-dreams are fatal. A strong Verstappen came to him as inconvenient.

“On the way to my world title, I had remembered him in the last four races every Time around me”, and Rosberg. “I think in three of the four races he has overtaken me. Oh my God,” he laughs.

But Rosberg took the necessary four second places and crowned with a five-point lead on Hamilton in the formula 1 world champion, before he finished surprising his career.

Verstappen, he looks today very much like: “I’m a big Fan of him, he’s a great driver, and do the formula 1 well.”

This article by Norman Fischer

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