Nicki Bille do not put fingers in between, when he puts words to his turbulent life.

“The last years I have lived in a way that I am very, very embarrassing over,” says the 32-year-old footballer.

he is in a new tv series on the TV 2 Play, which goes quite close to the last year of fodboldspillerens life, where drinking and drugs, a deadliest single targeted killing, threats and a skudepsiode, which could have cost him his life, has stolen the headlines.

He expresses, that he is embarrassed the way he has lived his life – and he had to pay a very high price for.

Nicki Bille has not seen his son since he was shot in the arm back in december 2018.

“I have not seen my son since I was shot in my arm 25. december. That is almost a year has gone by, and it is terrible,” he says in the show’s first episode, which has been available from the streaming service on Wednesday.

And the relationship to the son is it, that hits the former Superliga-play the hardest.

“What I most can’t forgive myself for is that I have put myself in a situation where I can’t be a good father. I can’t forgive myself for,” says Nicki Bille in the documentary series.

It is also in high degree for his son’s sake, that Nicki Bille is trying to correct itself.

“I need to get a grip on myself first, so I can be a good father, when I am with him. I miss him absolutely crazy,” says Beetle in the tv series.

It was a long-term niggling groin injury he sustained in the Polish Lech Poznan, which was the start of the downturn, which among other things has ended in a sentence of four months ‘ imprisonment, which he received in april 2019.

Lyskeskaden kept the Beetle out of the game for nine months, and during this time he began to drink.

the Page was Nicki Bille charged and convicted for having threatened someone with a gun and to have been in possession of 0.26 grams of cocaine. These facts, recognized the Beetle.

But it was the Beetle also convicted of having beaten a doorman in the face and to have threatened a nurse when he was hospitalized in connection with the gunshot wounds he sustained in december 2018.

Nicki Bille refused pleaded guilty to having beaten the bouncer and to have threatened a nurse. He appealed the ruling, but dropped its appeal.

the Series about Nicki Bille can be seen on the TV 2 Play now.