Who scene was in the mid-1980s, in the Berlin Squatters on the go, is perhaps one of the most extraordinary performances stumbled, he has ever seen in his life: A spindle scrawny, bleach Junkie with unruly black hair, the screams of the soul from the body, growls, spits, the neck hairs to stand erect. In a good sense. The young Australian Nick Cave is an exceptional talent, that is clear.

forty years later, is well-established Cave (62) for a long time as one of the music legends of our time. For one, this is probably the unique Timbre of Caves baritone that could still give the most trivial rhyme deepest meaning.

A duet with Kylie Minogue brings Cave 1996 world fame

With the Trivial has taken the Cave, but never – even when he sings a duet with the Plastikpop Princess of her time. Kylie Minogue (51), staged in 1996 in “Where the Wild Roses Grow” art as a murder victim of an obsessive lover. The texts of the gifted poet, the in his Songs he tells brutal stories full of cynicism, anger, revenge, and Struggle with God.

The rage is long forgotten. The intensity and the poetic power and such as any psychologist of the sermon, are reactions of cynicism, anger, and wrath hinges often the actual Emotion of the grief, pre -.

grief is the predominant Emotion on “Ghosteen”, a Name that is supposed to denote a small, irrwichtigen mind is because. Incredible sadness dominated Cave in person, since his Teenage son, 2015 in Brighton (GB) from a cliff, crashed and died.

grief connects us all – and in that Cave consolation

On its website, “theredhandfiles” replies the critic of religion Cave since then, to questions from Fans – in a poetic, eloquent and comforting way. The Album “Ghosteen” seems like a continuation of this Dialogue. Cave manages to lead us at the same time existential despair, and to offer consolation, by finding answers to existential questions. For example, how to live in a world without God (by, for example, the Divine in yourself and in other place).

Nick Cave

Nick Cave (62) is a singer, musician, poet, filmmaker, actor, and novelist. His Work has been awarded with numerous Awards and prices. After years of Work as an “alternative” well-respected artist, he succeeded, with the duet “Where the wild Roses grow” with Kylie Minogue in 1996, the international big breakthrough. He moved after the death of his son, with his family to Los Angeles.

That Cave out there in the face of such an existential tragedy of such a decent Album, not only as artistic but also as a personal peak performance – and it is the neck hair on a already at the first Song. In a good sense.