The spring sun burns down on this Monday morning at ten o’clock on Jena down. A day made to go outside for a walk. However, there is remarkably little traffic, and the big Parking lot is right behind the Historic city hall once a quarter. What is immediately striking: at Least every Second, regardless of whether on foot, on the bike, whether you are young or old, wears a respirator.

he hangs around the neck. At least as many do not account for it, although the belongs once again to the new duty.

One of them, Willi Karpe is. The Renter is just with his wife from a village five kilometres from Jena to come to the city to shop something and leaning on the car waiting for his wife. “I think that’s totally fine. We have bought in a drugstore a week ago immediately masks, as we have heard, that it’s from today’s duty, to wear the masks when they shop,“ says the 82-Year-old. FOCUS Online Willi Karpe has donned the mask, when he in the car at the Sign of Jena over

drove doubt that it was the right decision of the mayor Christian Gerlitz, the respiratory protection in case of purchases, to make travel by public transport and from Entering public buildings for the obligation, the former a carpenter, as was his wife. “I think anyone who has looked in the last days of television who knows, what it is good to adapt. We have set up in the car at the exact Moment, as we drove into the city in. We do what helps!“, Karpe says, pulling the Mouth guard under the chin and a Cigarillo lights up with a smile.

mask duty in Jena applies for the sales personnel since Thursday

For the sales staff in Jena, shops that are still open, apply the mask duty since Thursday. At any open the Store a minimum of two pieces of paper in the window, pointing to the mask duty and the safety recall distances to hang. A customer close to the market square, is preparing to enter a optician’s business, pushes on the doorstep of the breathing mask over the mouth and nose.

“We are of course delighted that as of today the client a mask to wear, because the security is so for all, of course bigger,” said store Manager Natalie Siegmund. The customer would keep all of it. “A lady who entered the Shop first, without the mask, had a while. She has her glasses on immediately, as we have reminds you of duty.“ FOCUS Online is Happy that customers will now have to wear breathing masks: an Optician Natalie Siegmund

would was The only thing that had her and the other staff preparing for a long time headaches, where you get a mask. “In the stores here in Jena, it is really hard to get what. Fortunately, a staff member for our entire branch of the home itself which is sewn then.“

“Nice, what else”

“Nicely what is of course different. And the seller, the need to wear the masks all day, do me already suffering,“ says a young father of a family. He keeps the scooter of his son, who has just disappeared with her mother and sister in a drugstore, after everyone has taken of a shopping basket.

with regard to the heated debates about the effectiveness of the normal respiratory masks, or in case of emergency only scarves or face masks, the family, the father was supposed to be working, and that’s why his name better not be no doubt to say, however. “We know that these masks reduce the risk of contagion, only a little bit. But we are not absolutely to. We want to hope times, that this condition persists for too long, and soon everything returned to normal.“

The only ones who would really have a hard time with the restrictions, are from his point of view of the children. “The biggest Problem for you is that you can’t see your friends.”

to be Hard to come by, even in a mask

a Little more critical tones strikes because Dana HART house. Her long blonde mane blowing in the Wind that draws over the courtyard, while using two meters distance, waiting to enter a post office. “It is not right that the city, on the one hand to carry the Mask to the mandatory power, on the other, it is difficult, if not impossible, to be able to masks to buy. I find, therefore, the city should take care of itself, including the shops, in which the days is now mandatory.“

to find The mask that she wears under her own chin, was “purely coincidental” still at home. “I had worried me for Badreinigen,” says the Bank clerk. FOCUS Online Criticized that the city is not a mask: Bank clerk Dana HART house

Basically, have you with the breathing mask of duty, however, “no Problem,” adds HART house. Of course, you had to wait, first of all, the mask of duty has an effect on the number of new infections. “But the Numbers from the Czech Republic and Austria, where the Wear is also compulsory, are gone already down.” The obligation to bring it about “nothing Negative, it is an added protection”. The rich as a reason to adopt you, you will find it.

“I have immediately bought a mask,”

This is also a man with a gray beard, the bus stop is at a train place. His violet mask, he has set up already, although the railway is still to be seen. And this is also true for most of the other Wait. “I bought immediately a mask,” says the man who rolls in suddenly, but there is no time, because his course is straight. But if he was going to train, then he put on just before. “It is an additional protection,” says, “why should we not wear it?”

All further information on the Coronavirus in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

“I wear the mask constantly, in order to be a role model for my children,”

the women take a stroll through Jena or rapidly Cycling, dominate colored, self-made masks. Stefan Lehmann stands out, too: padded and made of jute-coloured cotton, not he bears them like a hassle Something, but a fashionable accessory, the hat is perfect with his gray slider, the blue shirt and the black bow tie is in harmony. “I wear the mask constantly, in order to be a role model for my children,” says Lehmann. FOCUS Online respiratory is Wearing a protective mask fashionably chic “and as a role model for my children, always on the road; Stefan Lehmann, authorized signatory

as regards the effectiveness of the authorized signatory of the recent somewhat “older” measures, such as locked transactions, prohibition of Contact, the Home Office and Social Distancing “been very effective”. In view of the continuing spread of the Coronavirus “have the people but little choice,” says Lehmann. The saw also his family and circle of friends is no different.

“On the streets, not all people wear a mask, but in the shops it seems to be working quite well”. “Need the coverage”: the mayor, why every mask, FOCUS Online/Wochit “should reflect the Need across the Board”: the mayor explains why each mask masks should sew themselves! Firefighters released a simple Video guide on FOCUS Online/News5 masks sew it yourself! Firefighters released a simple Video guide