“The first night I think there was over 500, so with. If I can help in the here lockdown with reading bedtime stories, then I do it gladly.”

Niels Roos, also known as the rapper Niarn, the last couple of evenings reading bedtime stories to his five-year-old daughter, Akacia, and at the same time sent it out to his followers on Instagram.

The first evening they began at 20, but so was the prayer from the viewers, whether or not they could move it to 19.30, so they at least could be with.

And now they have put the time in a small aftenritual, as he’s betting on, at least, to be able to run up to the 13. april, where the current restrictions goods for.

“I have thought, that what if there are some evenings where we don’t have the opportunity to do it, and so it has become a tradition for the people out there. But then we must get it to work. It can be, there are some evenings, where I even have to keep the phone instead of my wife,” says Niels Roos with a laugh.

the Idea originated spontaneously in the beginning of the week, when he saw the music producer Lasse ‘Pilfinger (‘ Kramhøft (also known as Djämes Braun) broadcast live from his Instagram-profile.

“My daughter is in love with Instagram, but can’t really even get it, so she always looking me over the shoulder. She asked what it was, I saw, and so I explained to her that what he was doing in the video, happened just now. So she thought that we should also do,” he says further.

the First evening reading up a book on Disney’s ‘101 dalmatians’.

The next night about a boy who must in the swimming pool.

Niels Roos explains that for the first is a fun pastime, now when we are all together anyway must be flat, and then perhaps you can at the same time, teach children about community and solidarity.

“now, If there are children out there whose parents are not at home to read bedtime stories, so they can follow along with. There were many who liked the first reading, and then we did it again.”

As an independent musician and co-host of the podcast ‘Niarn and Coldhands-bull stories’, continue to run far below the corona break, is Niels Roos used to be very much at home, and therefore have everyday life with her daughter not changed so much, he explains.

“We try to shield her a little of the seriousness. She knows that there is a disease which we must take care of, but there is no reason to tell her that people die. She understands not how serious it is economic for our country, so we are talking not about, haha.”

In the ‘old days’ were Niels Roos known as the hårdtspyttende rapper Niarn, and therefore has he also got a few funny reactions from the surprised viewers.

“That was the one that wrote yesterday, that it eddermame is fun to see the man who wrote ‘Stikkersvin’, sit and read bedtime stories, haha. I can as well see. You can just put the song on the 19.25 and see us broadcast live five minutes later,” he laughs and adds:

“But I also have friends who are sitting anxiously and waiting each night to get read up. It is not only for children.”