Since they had almost a little pity with your opponents, as the Flyers learned on Saturday evening in your Hotel from Lausanne, Switzerland, 1:7 swatter against the HCD, and then the Highlights looked. See “Davos scenes because there was, of course,” says Flyers-Austrian Michael Raffl Swiss the day before his duel with the West. The biggest concern the NHL Stars, including their coach, Alain Vigneault, there is the unusual Size of the ice.

Yet it is not the only one. Lausanne efficiency and power of the Shot which prepare them also. Three Bang – three goals! Gentlemen, Emmerton in the Powerplay and Genazzi hammering the disc into the net for 3:0 lead in the start-third – with a total of just eight shots on the Flyers goal.

Since self-Ex-Philly trust well-defenseman Mark Streit has to get his eyes of a place in the gang between Vigneault and assistant coach Mike Yeo.

Philadelphia’s Goalie-hope Carter Hart (21) will be Replaced only after Joel Vermins Powerplay goal for 4:0. The NHL-guests, my, you could Brian Elliott (34) eat a single coat, even Lausanne coach and Ex-NHL forward Ville Peltonen smile.

joy to the face of the courageous appearance of his force to conjure up the Finns. A short pressure phase of the Canton of Vaud, are not impressed. Shortly after the half, and 1:4 by Captain Giroux – makes Tobias Stephan Luca Boltshauser place. The replacement goalie parried by Lindbohm-inflicted Penalty by Giroux and after that, only two hits (Bunnaman, Couturier).

As the Flyers finish their preparation with an unexpected defeat in Switzerland prior to your League Start on Friday in Prague (CH) against Chicago.