foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis gets Mail this week. Signed 20 Swiss do not have the letter-governmental organisations. Greenpeace, Amnesty International, to the Evangelical women Switzerland – all are angry: Cassis to perceive the humanitarian Tradition of Switzerland, at last, find the NGOs.

the so-called INF Treaty. INF stands for “Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces”, in English: nuclear medium-range systems. The INF Treaty had contributed to a relaxation between the United States and countries such as Russia, because it prohibits the production of nuclear weapons with a medium range. Two months ago, however, the US President, Trump has announced the agreement. Shortly afterwards, Russian President Putin did the same to him. The two are accusing each other of breaches of contract.

In Europe-based nuclear missiles

The consequences? The contract is dissolved, can develop both the USA and Russia from the end of the year, completely unhindered new nuclear missiles in Europe are stationed. Missiles within minutes and almost all of the main European could take cities and destroy.

Still, there is hope. Because the contract has a six-month notice period. There remain three and a half months to save the agreement. And this is exactly where the NGOs take on our Minister of foreign Affairs in a duty. Or to be more precise: they get him for his inaction. “Cassis makes no effort, its role as a mediator and conflict-solver to take,” says Lewin Lempert (22) of the group for a Switzerland without an army. He speaks of a break with the humanitarian Tradition of Switzerland.

Cassis remained idle

be the Cassis so far, in terms of nuclear disarmament has not done otherwise. On The Contrary. Because in addition to the INF Treaty, is also currently a General nuclear weapons wrestled to the ban. Both the national Council and the Council of States Cassis asked the appropriate agreement as quickly as possible. Cassis has remained idle. Too much action to be dangerous to the bridge Builder-function in Switzerland, he finds. At the earliest the end of 2020, Cassis wants to decide.

An Affront to Maya Brehm (42). She is co-founder of ICAN Switzerland, an International campaign for the abolition of nuclear weapons – 2017 price to be awarded the Nobel peace prize. “We are in a Situation that is strongly reminiscent of the Cold war.” It is Cassis really about building bridges, he would have to act now, says Brehm.