The followers of the Football team, the Miami Dolphins are going through hard times: All five season games have been lost to the Dolphins and are thus, together with the Cincinnati Bengals, the only winless Team in the NFL. The Minus balance sheet with 42 goals for and 180 conceded points is a record. Even the game against the equally bad Washington Redskins lost on Sunday, with 16:17.

In the United States suggests to many observers that the season of the Dolphins is out of pure intention bachab. What is for Europeans, incomprehensible, heard in North America, almost everyday. This is because the System the NFL requires that the worst Team of the season must then Draft a player from the Pool of Football talents in fishing.

Who must be withdrawn by the participation in the Playoffs anyway, and is therefore a Position in the table, the cellar, the lower-middle mass. Not a Problem in a League that knows no Losers. The “Tanking” designated strategy – that is, the intentional Losing for a good Draft-Position – is widely used in the US sports far. All the more, if, as next year an exceptional Talent as a Quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa of the University of Alabama.

Thus, Miami will be sure it is “bad enough”, were already released in the summer of seasoned NFL players in exchange for future Draft rights to other Teams. Under the Motto of “Tanking for Tua” supports a part of the Fans, even the strategy of the club bosses. Critics call “Tanking” as unsportsmanlike. They complain of a distortion of competition, because not all of the teams meet this season on the Dolphins and enjoy a Free victory to come.

the prototype of The “Tankings” comes from the Basketball: After years in the bottom of the League, the Philadelphia 76ers grab this season with both in the Draft and committed Youngsters Joel Embiid (25) and Ben Simmons (23) after the NBA crown. (cmü)