The Opposition complains that the Grand coalition to filibuster the electoral reform to the reduction of the Bundestag. “The Corona-crisis must not become an excuse for the suspension of the necessary electoral reform,” said Left party leader Dietmar Bartsch of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. Already in the last parliamentary term the coalition government have prevented a Reform, “it should not repeat itself”. Finally, all the information necessary fittings for a long time on the table. “I call on the coalition, therefore, finally a proposal, and not to play for time,” said Bartsch. Green-faction Leader Katrin Goering-Eckardt told the newspaper: “It is irresponsible that within the Union, the CSU blocked any solution.”

FDP-Ultimatum to Easter

“In the crisis must not be forgotten that also the Bundestag is in crisis: We urgently need a new electoral law, in order for the Bundestag, the work remains,” said the FDP Bundestag member Stefan Ruppert the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “It’s not more needs to be done urgently, before the Option to reduce the number of constituencies is, in fact, possible.” In the meeting the week after Easter, it had to come to a solution, asked Ruppert. Soon the list of candidates for the Bundestag election in the coming year begins in the countries.

Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus said there were currently “very different positions.” The electoral reform had to come. “We continue to work to find a solution,” says Brinkhaus. The First Parliamentary Director of the SPD parliamentary group, Carsten Schneider, told the newspaper that his group had already submitted to a “bridge model”, to be implemented in the short term and workable. This proposal has brought new momentum into the debate.

2021 the bloated Bundestag could be even greater

Since the Federal election in September 2017, the parties wrestle inconclusively to a Reform of the electoral law, because the Parliament was then grown to a record number of 709 honourable members. Without a new and even an enlargement on may be 800 and more members of Parliament threatened at the next election in the coming year. Normally it should be only 598.

A Reform to keep all the groups as necessary. A compromise is not in sight. FDP, Left and greens have already been submitted in the past year, a common proposal, which, among other things, the number of constituencies should be reduced. The CDU and the CSU to fight back but on the other hand, to reduce the number of constituencies or seats. They advertise, instead, to provide for a portion of the resulting overhang mandates with no compensation mandates – what has, however, in the case of the other parties to rejection.

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