as The next of kin of the Colruytmedewerker from the Prince to the corona virus, died, in demand compensation from the supermarket chain. They say the evidence they have is that the 32-year-old Mohammed, Nahi, no protective mask or other protective equipment, if worn in the shop, and therefore the Colruyt group to be responsible for his death. “If we get to the ministry, and we have already have a lawyer.”

Mohammed, Nahi went clearly to the corona virus in the Coluyt. Here are the next of kin of such conviction. “Because he was strictly adhering to the safety precautions. Since the force went to, was Muhammad’s only at home or at work,” says his brother-in-law Hatim Doghmi. As of march 15, it started Nahi to cough up. On the 21st of march, he got a high fever. Five days later, he was out for a night in the hospital, and that he, in spite of a positive test, however, was allowed to leave. His condition then rapidly deteriorated. On the 2nd of april, he died in his sleep.

Brother-In-Law Hatim Doghmi.

protective mask is rejected.

“We’re very angry with that, Colruyt group is not cautious enough, it has adhered to its employees,” says the brother-in-law, in the name of the family. “Even worse, we know of several people in and out of all of the messages that Muhammad is the work itself will be asked to wear gloves and a protective mask to be worn. But the responsible person refused. That was a fear for the customers to enjoy. The people who are in the last few days of activity, in order to sign up, be prepared to testify in court.”

now, we have to Hatim Doghmi, the fault is not only in the position to slip to the person in charge. He suggests that the government Group in charge. “They mention in the instructions to all the branches.” In addition, he wants this to be a legal battle to come. “We want to be, first and foremost, sit down with the Colruyt group. In the interest of my younger sister, who is now a widow, and two children, six-year-old and 20-month-old. They are going to be my biggest area of concern. What’s the next step with them, now that their husband and father is dead? We will require an indemnity from the Colruyt group.”

Never been banned.

In the Colruyt, it is a complaint being received. The department store chain would prefer to not have to comment. In the context of a potential lawsuit, but more especially out of respect for the victims and the next of kin,” says the spokesperson Silja Decock. She added, however, that the Colruyt group, never have been, employees are forbidden to have a protective mask to be worn. “I don’t know what is in-store play.” Decock stressed that the Colruyt group is a people-oriented company, all of the measures set up by the government is required, and often goes above and beyond what the government recommends. The group sends out day-by-day measures for their employees, according to the latest findings about the virus. Thus, they have for the past ten days, all of the branches also have surgical masks available to you. “Our people and their health really come on in the first place. Remember that in this case, to our mind, first and foremost, it will also go out to the family, friends, and close colleagues of the victim.”

Surviving Hatim Doghmi shakes her head, as if he heard it. “Surgical masks allow it, it is still not enough. They would have to oblige.” In addition, he has a few of these late, up. “Mohammed, Nahi has been working since 2009 on behalf of the supermarket chain, which has more than ten years, with the last of the three years in the branch in the Forest. We don’t have any call-in received from the Colruyt group. That is, it is hard, very hard. Especially since we have no comfort in each other and be able to look for.”

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