With Zippendorfer Landbrot, another traditional German bakery has to go bankrupt. The reason for this is still the effects of the pandemic and the sharp rise in energy costs.

The bakery chain Zippendorfer Landbrot GmbH from Lübeck has filed for insolvency. As the “InsolvenzPortal” reports, the bakery has been manufacturing goods since 1925 and has 16 branches. In addition, the goods are sold with food trucks. The company currently employs over 100 people.

The reason for the bankruptcy is the effects of the pandemic and the associated drop in sales. The increased energy costs and the lack of employees have also made the financial situation and operations more difficult.

For the insolvency administrator Prof. Dr. Klaus Pannen, it is his basic aim to continue every company and to restructure it in the long term. In this case, too, he is intensively examining the possibilities of a long-term continuation or restructuring of the company. “I am confident that this will succeed. The company has good starting conditions to overcome the difficulties that have arisen.”

This is not the first bakery chain to file for bankruptcy. Due to high costs, Thilman Brot from Rhineland-Palatinate was also forced to file for bankruptcy last autumn after 85 years. The list of insolvent bakeries is getting longer and longer.

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