The Danish football star Pione Sisto creates again headlines.

After two weeks in quarantine, he has now defied orders from his Spanish club, Celta Vigo, and has left it vehemently coronavirus-affected country to take home to Denmark.

It writes the Spanish AS.

Sisto informed supposedly Celta on his plans, when he had already left the Spanish port city. The club has not given him permission. And the former FC MIdtjylland star can now look forward to a sizable fine.

the Club said, according to AS, that the matter be handled internally’.

the Rest of the Celta Vigo squad continue the quarantine in their Spanish home.

It is far from the first time that Pione Sisto hit the Spanish headlines. For example, caused a great stir when he decided to live entirely by the fruit in 21 days in order to remove the mucus from its body.

Spain is one of the hardest-hit countries of coronavirussens the ravages of – for instance, 769 Spanish lost their lives just in the past day.