Prince William shows a lot of heart: Almost six weeks after the terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, he arrived on Thursday to visit new Zealand. In the process, he met a girl who was injured in the attack.

a Video released by the Kensington Palace, to see William and the girl entertained in a clinic in Auckland. The little new Zealander has awakened, according to the Palace just this week out of the coma.

praise for Muslims

On Friday, it was time for Prince William, made the trip to new Zealand without his family, and on to Christchurch. There, he praised the attack, the Muslim community of the city for their attitude after the terrorist. He was grateful for what I have conveyed to the municipality of the world in the past few weeks.

During a visit to one of the two mosques, which were the target of the attack, said the British heir to the throne: “you have shown how you have to hate the answers – with love. May the forces of love are always stronger than the forces of hatred.” William spoke in front of about 160 Survivors of the racially motivated attack and surviving dependents of fatalities.

50 people were killed

the Total of the prayers in the attack during the Friday to the 15. March, 50 people were killed. Several dozen were injured. Some of these are still in the hospital.

As the alleged perpetrator, a 28-year-old racist and right sitting extremist from Australia in detention, who lived for some time in new Zealand. Him to jail for life.

For William, it is already the third visit in new Zealand. His grandmother Queen Elizabeth II (93) is the official head of state of the Pacific state. (nim/SDA)