New Zealand is a country with almost five million inhabitants. Since the beginning of the pandemic Covid-19 there was 1474 cases of infection and 18 deaths. This is the lowest mortality rate in a particular Western country with a developed health system. What or who owe new Zealanders in such a favorable outcome? And that the rest of the world should take note of for the future?

Now, many experts like to remember the story marked the beginning of modern epidemiology. When in 1854 in London’s SOHO there was a serious outbreak of cholera, British doctor John snow decided to focus not on the treatment of patients as the others, but on finding the causes of the epidemic.

This is caused by the polluted water in the regional water column, and snow convinced authorities to remove the handle of the pump, so that the population ceased to use it.

According to virologists, in case of any epidemic there are two strategies that you can follow. First familiar and time tested is to localize and mitigate the effects. The second is more radical and risky strategy for the elimination of (elimination) of the virus.

While many countries are leaning towards the first strategy, New Zealand decided to follow the path of elimination, and in early February the authorities as a recommendation urged citizens to minimize social contacts.

14 March, it imposed a mandatory quarantine for everyone arriving in the country, and the 19th, closed the borders to foreigners.

Then, in a few days, the authorities imposed a four-level response system, in which the second level can be called “more than three not to gather”, and the fourth involves an almost complete stop of life in the country.

the Path from the second to the fourth level the country has come in four days. For comparison — March 20 children in the UK still went to school.

“in addition, in many countries and large cities, the authorities and the people clung to the businesses, afraid to harm the economy,” adds Movila.

New Zealand has also been declared a state of emergency that gave the government additional leverage to make the tough decisions.

According to the scientific edition of the New Zealand Medical Journal, if not the determination of the government and the speed of decision making, statistics of deaths in the country could be about 14400 occasions.

“Our government really did a great job, but compliance with quarantine rules is the responsibility of the population first and foremost. I have at different times worked in Yemen, in Israel, in Poland and Ecuador, can you compare the social environment of different countries, and not all people are willing to accept their circumstances.”, says a sociologist from New Zealand Sean Adams.

Rating Prime Minister New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern very high �� the country. Its popularity among new Zealanders even has a name — “Casingamble”.

In October 2017 at age 37 she became the youngest Prime Minister in the history of New Zealand. In 2018, the first Prime Minister, speaking at gay parade and have been in defense of the legalization of abortion and marijuana.

In March 2019 Ardern wearing the hijab and stood side by side with the Muslim community in New Zealand, after two mosques in the city of Christchurch during Friday prayers Radikal killed more than 50 people and wounded 49.

She is a supporter of protectionist measures in the economy and is committed to a policy of social justice which involves raising the minimum wage and economic support for the disadvantaged.

“a Little where the introduction of a state of emergency is possible with full understanding and support of society,” said Sean Adams.

“the Main reason I went into politics is that I felt a calling to care for other people,” said Ardern in an interview with bi-Bi-si year ago.

For comparison in Romania in less than a April police fined 200 thousand violators of the isolation mode for the sum of 78 million euros.

“I don’t want to bore you now with the details of the work molekularnych mechanisms, but there is such a thing as the genome of the nation. As individuals more or less predisposed to certain diseases almost as works in respect of entire Nations,” says microbiologist Movila.

In 1989, an international organization for the study of the human genome (HUGO), which has conducted hundreds of development and in particular in the study of genetic characteristics of various peoples.

“for Example, the Japanese aging process is slower than the Europeans. Just a different rate of accumulation of senescent cells. A Latin American people, particularly Mexicans, are much more susceptible to other disease is type II diabetes,” explains the scientist.

According to him, the experience of New Zealand in the midst of a pandemic Covid-19 can be an important guide for the future, because mankind, most likely, will face viruses-mutants.

“Sooner or later all countries will cope with the situation, but what nobody knows is the true extent of the harm that Covid-19 will have on the mental state of the population, including new Zealanders. Scientists in different countries of the world gradually begin to deal with this problem, and it can be quite comparable to the physical damage caused by the coronavirus,” warns Professor Alexander Movila.

And while New Zealand returned to normal life, cancelling consistently strict quarantine measures.

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