In the more than 50 stores from Whitcoulls will no longer be sold Peterson-books as the non-fiction Bestseller of the “12 Rules for Life”. The company justified this with the “extremely bewildering Material, the before, during and after the attacks in Christchurch,” expelled. Further, it is stated in a note to clients: “We believe that it would be wrong to support the author at the moment.” Peterson teaches at the University of Toronto’s psychology, but it also has a YouTube channel with nearly two million subscribers.

Posing with a hater of Islam

The “New York Times” described the 56-Year-old is currently the “most influential Intellectuals of the Western world”. Some see him as a pioneer of right-wing ideologies. In the case of a reading journey through new Zealand, he posed in February with a man who wore a T-Shirt with the imprint “I’m a proud hater of Islam”. The picture was circulated after the attacks, many more.

On the Homepage of the largest of new Zealand bookseller Peterson-books on Tuesday. There you could also order different editions of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”. The Chairman of the new Zealand booksellers Association, Lincoln Gould, said the news Agency DPA that the decision on the sale of books lying in every bookstore.

In the attack in Christchurch on 15. March 50 people and several dozen wounded have been killed. As a suspected perpetrator, a 28-year-old right sits extremist from Australia in detention. Him going to jail because of multiple murder for life.