By 1. In may, the popular youth subscription Track 7 by means of a new and significantly more expensive range, Seven to 25 (VIEW reported).

the advantage of The new night-General subscriptions: The 25-Year-old can now travel throughout the public TRANSPORT network, Switzerland, from 19 p.m. with no additional Ticket. So far, the subscription was only when the selected transport. The Seven25 should now really be anywhere binding.

The new subscription is to be Criticised for tax

the increase in the price of the youth subscription the half-fare travelcard combined. You will be 200 Swiss francs more expensive than before.

Price watchdog Stefan Meierhans is a new subscription is not happy. “Since many young people have already a Streckenabo, most of these extra a lot of,” he criticizes. “It is therefore questionable whether the additional benefit of a higher price.”

Meier, Hans From regrets Track-7-From

Also, the Track-7-regrets Meier, Hans. On the question of why you do not have to maintain the subscription, he says: “you have to ask the industry.”

A so-called Grandfathering-the offer would have been a better solution. That would mean that the people who already make use of a the Track 7 may extend your subscription continue. New customers have only the new Version, so the Seven 25, to choose from.

In price negotiations fired

Meier, Hans has in the run-up to the Track-7-From a fight, and also the new subscription for a better deal made strong: “I have not discussed with the industry, especially in the form of lower prices, I’m through.”

The price supervisor had to do a lot last year. In 1914, messages of citizens you have edited in 2018, said Stefan Meier, Hans today at the annual media conference of the office. That was almost a third more complaints than in the previous year.

most of the prices employed in health care and in public transport. They accounted for about 17 percent of the reports received. Also, the price supervisor is preparing for the increase in health care costs the most. Meier, Hans highlighted the Swiss generics prices, which are inflated in comparison to abroad. “For a decade, I call for a reference price list”. he said and estimated the annual potential for savings of 100 million Swiss francs. “The measures are on the table. Now it needs the courage and the strength to implement them.”

But the price supervisor reported success. You’ve published in the past year, for example, a report on the introduction of a reference price system for medicines with expired patents. In addition, you have can in a investigation of the residence taxes from the old – age and nursing homes “large and in need of explanation of price differences”.

“Exceptionally difficult” negotiations with SBB

For public transport, the price supervisor referred to the “exceptionally difficult” negotiations with the SBB. The train companies should work “with and not against the citizens”. As a success, he reported, the filing fee for the GA abolished. If so, GA-owner does not submit the subscription at the ticket counter, because you need it for some time, and thus extend the period of validity, you must pay no charge.

another success meierhans scored in the charges at the Federal level. The Parliament has referred the so-called Motion Gmür. Thus, the Price regulator must be involved systematically when it comes to fees from the Federal government. As an example, he led the commercial register fees. With this Consultation requirement is to ensure that the charges on the Federal level, correspond to the cost recovery principle. “The Position of the price inspector has been strengthened,” said Meierhans.

Price watchdog has received new also on Twitter

an above average number of complaints were 2018 in addition, prices of telecommunications, the mail and parcel post, and the financial sector. A total of eleven mutually agreed solutions could be achieved. The price supervisor was also around 200 recommendations, most of the Rates and prices in the health care system.

as of today, Monsieur Prix wants to keep the Public on Twitter about his work to date. Under the user name @mist prices, he wants to inform in the future on the “prices and price-relevant topics”. (lha/SDA)