Scandinavia as an economic model for the world, you can hear it again and again. Now, however, “the New York Times highlights the” Switzerland of the podium. In an Essay book writer and Investor Ruchir Sharma, what makes our country so special and why the other model could take writes. “No one’s talking about”, he explains the reason for his praise-Text.

Not only rich, but also happy in Switzerland, is Sharma writes. Evidence for the first point, the average income of around 83’000 francs for him, almost a quarter more than in the Scandinavian countries. Progress he sees in the distribution of wealth and income. “Almost”, as in the North of Switzerland is in this area now.

francs, not a hindrance

plus points he distributed to the comparatively low taxes, decentralized positioning of the economy and the Power of the SMEs. Economically, Switzerland is superior to that of Scandinavia in many respects. Thus, 13 of the 100 largest companies in Europe are located here. Twice as many as in all of the Nordic countries counted together. In addition, Nestlé as the most valuable company in the country is 15 times as much value as your biggest rival in the North. Almost everywhere except in the oil sector in Switzerland with a mix successfully.

Not even the strong Swiss franc, which led to a brake on the export sector. Customers are willing to pay for good quality more.

“SaaS = Switzerland-as-a-Service”

praise there is for health care. The surprised, it is criticized in Germany because of the high cost but most frequently. According to the Swiss health care system have admirers a little something for everyone – for the Left and for Conservatives.

The author also explains why Switzerland is cited, wrongly, as little as a model. The main reason is volatile, the “exaggerated Reputation” as a port for Control. The end of banking secrecy have not harmed the economy. “Switzerland has always been more than secretive banks.”

His conclusion: Switzerland has found the right Balance between the private sector and the welfare state. The Swiss model show, it don’t need a decision for one or the other.

this is the praise of only Swiss people do not have in this country, joy – and share it like wild on Twitter, but also in the United States. So, Urs Hölzle, Google employee the first lesson:”Business idea: SaaS = Switzerland-as-a-Service. Have trouble running your government or economy? Call Switzerland”. In German Switzerland, to offer your Strengths as a Service in the world. If a government were to have problems, you can outsource the business in Switzerland. (jfr)