For the first time joins New York on a little less seriously ill coronapatienter on the state’s intensive care units.

the State of New York has in the past day registered 777 deaths among people who were infected with the coronavirus.

It shall notify the state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, on Friday.

the Day before the figure was 799.

In the past day is 290 more patients have been admitted to one of the state hospitals. This is an increase compared to the 200 new admissions, Cuomo reported the day before.

But for the first time there has been a slight decrease in the number of patients in the intensive care unit.

on Thursday, there were 17 fewer seriously ill patients hospitalized in the intensive than the day before.

– It is the first time since we started this journey, says Cuomo at his daily press briefing.

– this is The first time that we see a falling figure, so it is good, he adds.