One of AMERICA’s largest cities, New York City is a ticking coronabombe.

This admits the New York state governor, Andrew Cuomo.

the 62-year-old politician admits that he is nervous.

“Coronavirussen’re going to hit our great city like a runaway freight train. It is a disaster just waiting to happen, if we do not do something the same.”

How said the governor on Tuesday, as he held his daily press conference at the Javits Convention Center, which, because of the emergency are made on a huge coronahospital.

“How do you protect a city with 8.6 million inhabitants and 70,000 homeless, a big city where all almost living, sleeping and working on top of each other. Well, it you can just not. There are no places to escape to.”

so says radio host and journalist Howard Stein, who lives in New York City.

on Tuesday, topping the UNITED states of 50,000 coronasmittede citizens. And out of these lives half in New York state and about 15,000 of these are distributed in New York City’s five boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queen, Staten Island and the best known, Manhattan.

Every day dolls thousands of new coronatilfælde up in New York city. In the course of the last weekend was the number of infected doubled. And the president of the UNITED states Donald Trump tweetede proud that he now had earned New York all 400 respirators.

400 respirators is of course a great help, if you are looking for. However, according to governor Andrew Cuomo, it is not much more than a drop in the ocean.

“In the course of the next few weeks should our state use a 30,000 respirators. So now I would like to know which patients should have the 400 respirators and what 29.600 coronasmitede, who shall die. There are indeed not enough for all the sick,” said Andrew Cuomo.

Everywhere in New York was potentially coronasmittede citizens Tuesday in long queues to be tested. In order to keep the required two meters of distance, were the cows extra long. The rain silede down. And according to ærkenewyorker and ‘Taxi Driver’star Robet De Niro is the mood in many places in the city completely in the bottom.

“It pains me to see my hometown in this manner,” says De Niro for the magazine to People Magazine.

At the weekend said Governor Andrew Cuomo, to the top of the corona-the wave would arrive about two to three weeks. But yesterday revealed the governor:

“the Top of the wave will be higher than we had expected. And the wave arriving much earlier than we had expected. It can be an unmanageable disaster,” said the governor.

With New York City’s explosion of coronasmittede, there are not many experts, who believe in Donald Trumps promises of early normalization.

And on a map of the UNITED states is New York is certainly not the only red spot.

So dolls large cities such as New Orleans, San Francisco and Seattle up with their own coronaeksplosion.

nationwide, there were late Tuesday evening 52,921 infected in the UNITED states. 684 americans have lost their lives due to the disease, which started in China at the end of 2019.

And in an interview Tuesday, said the Donald Trumps leading corona-expert Anthony Fauci:

“It will get much worse before it gets better.”