On 31. July 1982 disappeared, the 17-year-old Brigitte Meier and 15-year-old Karin Gattiker on a bike tour. Last seen the girls were cave, lunch at the turn-off to crystal: A local resident had observed, as they stood at the crossroads in the hamlet of Kobelwies. A few minutes later, a silver gave gray car with the two of them. After that, the trace of the girl was lost. More than two months later, a hiker discovered their bodies in the vicinity of the crystal cave in Oberriet SG. All the traces pointed to the fact that they had been killed with the blow of a blunt object on the head. To date, the case is not cleared.

Although he is time-barred, re-identify people from the Region. Among them, the St. Gallen Thomas Benz (44). He is active in his spare time, in the IG crystal cave. These organized lectures on the case and seeks new information – such as the of a then 17-year-old auto mechanic apprentice.

Mercedes station wagon with horse trailer

The witness Benz described his observations in an inspection of the crime scene with several people from the IG, including a retired police detective.

The witness saw a new, silver-gray Mercedes sedan, the model E 230, with a large horse trailer at the intersection in the direction of travel of the cave and had stopped the car in more detail. He wants to have a man and a woman watched as they plied with two ladies bikes. The woman should have reacted at the sight of the witness scared. The Couple refused the help. Subsequently, the witness continued on his bike.

All the investigations were in the Sand

This observation, shortly after the two girls were last seen, and the description of the two persons match to the previous Thesis, according to which the driver of the silver might have something to do grey Mercedes something to do with the Disappearance of the two girls. The then-38-year-old architect regarded as the Prime suspect, was sitting a year and a half in custody. However, the police could not prove a participation in the act. Compared with Sunday view, now 75, denies-Year-old, the statements of the witnesses vehemently. He had been with car and trailer at the intersection, but I stopped “never,” he says. The investigations against the other Suspect were in the Sand. A guest host and in addition to the official cave were a Chauffeur and a cave were able to prove the police did nothing.

The question now is: Why is not reported by the witness to his observation in the past? “Be Töffli was doctored, the police, he was not sympathetic,” says Benz, in addition, the witness had given at the time of observation is of no significance.

several people have been

the book, “Hope for enlightenment” of the previous Sunday view-Editor Walter Hauser (62), inspired the witnesses to his statement. In the book, Hauser has, among other things, the evidence to the crystal cave murder.

The testimony also fits for the analysis of the German Profiler Axel Petermann (66). He researched in the summer and came to the conclusion that, at least when Hiding the dead body, several people involved must have been. Because of the rock plate under the one of the victims of more than 300 kilos was hidden, weighed.

The most important hint is missing still. Thomas Benz and his comrades-in-arms stay in any case. “We want the truth!”, he emphasises.