the VW Passat rumors came that last: The revised eighth Generation of the since 1973, roughly 30-million-selling mid-size model to be built by Ford in Turkey. This is because the current Passat plant in Emden (D) is converted to the factory for E-Mobile. Others wanted to know, that the production of the glorious model number is all set.

not Now, VW boss Herbert Diess is well-known for its decisions a lot of emotionality. But he also knows that the Passat in the commercial-fleet managers continues to be very popular. Around 80 percent of all Passat customers can order it as a service. And although recently, the sales volume has declined, does not want to Diess do without it. As a fresher Passat it gets so nevertheless-Generation – starting in may at our shop, and from August, available at dealerships (and then the prices are known).

New Infotainment technology

Since business customers are likely to be conservative, does not change the exterior much. The wheelbase and, therefore, the space will remain the same. After all, there are now LED light matrix and the Audi’s well-known run-of-turn indicator. Also in the Cockpit seems to have at first glance little changed. But the impression is deceptive. What looks almost the same as the current model is completely newly developed technology. The third Generation of the Modular Infotainment in the new Passat platform (MIB) is installed, an Outlook on the coming Golf VIII, and the E-vehicle I. D. Neo.

The 9.2-inch Touchscreen in the center console can be configured with a tile-based Apps according to their own taste, and with a pressure on the Icons for more options open. Also, the connectivity was significantly improved. Via the Cloud, a personalisation of the vehicle and of the user is possible.

the wizard, the Passat is upgrading: As the first VW he drives with a new Travel Assist semi-automatically from 0 to 210 km/h. The electronics helps also in case of emergency: the driver, for example in the case of a heart attack, schaffts the Passat, under the circumstances, still on the emergency lane to stop.

More coverage and comfort

In the case of the engines – four Diesel, three petrol – engine range from 120 to 272 HP. The Plug-in Hybrid variant (218 HP), the purely electrically in accordance with the new WLTP cycle of measurement of 55 kilometers and approximately 20 kilometers more than the current model. A very special treat for suspension VW takes over from the more luxurious Arteon and refined this idea. So, the Passat driver can determine in the future, the damper characteristics in 15 levels. The spread of the driving modes is increased both on the sporting as well as on the comfortable side.