still from the video “Do something!”

Before the vote on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation less than two weeks (the vote will take place on July 1), and the Central election Commission releases about their job more news. So, in her telegram channel has a video called “Do something!”, caused Internet users a mixed reaction.

In the picture shows the family with two children in the day. Mother does the cleaning, daughter plays the violin, the son sitting in the box with toys, and his father lying on the sofa with a tablet in his hand. Wife interrupts his vacation request to do something in the day. He agrees and leaves the house. Returns the man probably late, because the wife puts the kids to bed. The question of where he was, the husband replies that “voted for the Constitution” and then asks the wife to “do something useful”.

Creative creators of the movie provoked discussion on the network, sexism, misogyny and abuse of women in domestic work.
I’m sad for my country for a thousand reasons, and this clumsy, offensive to women, slyapat on our taxes is one of them,— I commented on the video by the Creator of telegram channel “robber’s Daughter” Anastasia Krasilnikova.