Donald trump’s decision to tighten sanctions against Iran, promoted the Brent Oil price last week to the highest level of the Year of 75,60 dollars per Barrel. This is 34 percent higher than at the beginning of the year. Mr and Mrs Swiss are feeling the bull market is already at the pumps. The prices have increased since Easter is around five to six centimes per litre of Diesel or petrol.

Directly affected by the new tough U.S. line of China, Japan and India, but also South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy and Greece. You had granted the United States a year ago, and immunities, which allowed the Import of Iranian crude oil, as the U.S. imposed against Iran and back sanctions. Now companies and financial institutions penalties, if you buy more Iranian Oil.

Swiss companies know that American sanctions can be quickly to the existential threat. Since last year, when the United States simply withdrew from the nuclear agreement with Iran and new sanctions imposed, have you set the Export to Iran de facto. Even if Switzerland is like Europe, not distant from the nuclear deal and new sanctions desisted, not wanted to burn a local company because of the Iran-shops of the Finger. Self-commodity, multi-Glencore is not with Iranian oil, such as a spokeswoman says.

Iran announced in retaliation to

If Iran is eliminated this week, as a supplier of oil, is the for the strained global economy, not only because of the shortage of Supply of oil is tricky. Further escalation of the conflict between Iran and the United States would be poison. Because Iran, for its part, wants to block as a retaliation of the Strait of Hormuz action. The life is the oil artery of Iran, is. this shipping lane is the lifeline for the oil ports of Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates

Donald Trump (73) dispersed in a Tweet the concerns. The members of the organization of the petroleum exporting countries (Opec) such as Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates would compensate for Iran’s failures.

Whether these countries will step in is unclear. Saudi Arabia produced about in the Wake of the Opec agreed funding amount of throttling in the last months less and less crude oil.

Strong Dollar increases the price of gasoline even more

Daniel Hofer (58), President of the Swiss petroleum Association, is skeptical. Although large producers such as Saudi Arabia, Russia or even the United States itself had still growth potential in the promotion. “However, you could forego the full use of this potential, what would certainly be a price increase.”

As the global demand for Oil increases, is constant and the supply to part aware of just kept going, not be ruled out higher prices in the next few months. Then, the product prices for petrol, Diesel and heating oil would rise in Switzerland.

Hofer noted that at The Moment, only the crude oil prices, but also the US Dollar against the Swiss franc does not rise. Thus, the higher crude oil prices for Swiss consumers are even more noticeable.

In contrast to other countries, in Switzerland there is no Website or App, full the gasoline prices for all gas stations in the country. Only the Free App of Migrol creates for drivers of price transparency. So you will find out, for example, that at the gas station in the Chollerstrasse in the strong financial train of a Liter of unleaded 95 is currently 1.70 Swiss francs is the cost. A few minutes drive to the Canton border in Sins AG, the Liter costs only 1.67 Swiss francs. This is still more like Migrol in Winterthur, ZH. The gas station in the Industriestrasse required for a litre of unleaded 95 according to the App’s two cents less (1.65 Swiss francs).