New tomes of the Brest fortress will be opened in the anniversary year

In the Eastern Fort of the citadel over the bug is almost ready to premiere a new Museum exhibition devoted to the last pockets of resistance in the Brest fortress in the first days of Nazi aggression. It plans to open on the Day of national memory of victims of the great Patriotic war. This was announced on 25 April one of the leaders of the memorial complex “Brest fortress-hero” Larisa Bibik.

the Memorial area, said she learned will start from the sign installed at one of the casemates of the outer shaft. That is connected with it, and the amazing story of salvation banner 393 anti-aircraft artillery battalion. This warrior Shrine, according to her, managed to hide in the first days of the war, and found her trackers in 1960.

now you can see what is inside the Museum exhibition to preserve historical elements, melted with flamethrowers bricks under the arches of the casemates, with iron beams, the roughness of the treads on the wide stone stairs and low arched passages. In these casemates was created by the defense headquarters, housed the core of the defenders of the Fort.

it is Assumed that the exposition will consist of several rooms, which will reflect the history of the construction of the Bastion, the fate of military families. Separate halls are devoted to organized in the dungeon of the hospital and the history of the saved banner.

by the Way, even after the carpet bombing of the fortress when it was dropped 23 bombs, 500 kg each, the garrison ceased resistance, although the enemy was sure that the Fort fell. However, “in report to bet they were forced to recognize that the Commissioner and mayor were not found”, – said the employee of the memorial.

“It was the last Bastion of a fortress. This is the great value of the project. Here set another historic milestone to the memory of those who defended the Eastern Fort. Originally it was about 400 people, and remained alive only major Pyotr Gavrilov – the last defender of Bastion, received the Gold star of the Hero, however, 12 years after Victory”, recalled Bibik.

by the Way, the financing of the deathless citadel, the concept of which was developed by the staff of the memorial complex was carried out at the expense of the Union state. And just for these purposes has been allocated more than 61 million Russian rubles.

In one of the casemates will be installed sculpture of the unconquered Peter Gavrilov. There are sound recordings of his memories of unprecedented courage, fortitude and devotion to duty of participants of the heroic defense of the Brest fortress, said curator of the Museum of the history of the citadel.