New temperature record recorded on Seymour island in Antarctica

In the Antarctic — plus 20 degrees. This temperature record was registered on the island of Seymour. The data cited by the British newspaper The Guardian with reference to specialists of the Brazilian meteorological station at the South pole.

According to them, February 9 for the first time in the entire history of observations, the temperature in Antarctica has risen to almost 21 degrees, reports channel “Russia 24”.

However, the statements of Brazilians have challenged their colleagues from Argentina. According to them, this day the temperature did not exceed 15.5 degrees.

Scientists have called this situation an incredible and insane.

Earlier, the European space Agency have recorded 8 and 9 February, a considerable increase of faults in the Antarctic. From glacier broke an array area of about 310 square kilometres is approximately equal to the area of the island of Malta.