The hype is huge in Munich, superstar Sadio Mané is there and will sign a three-year contract with FC Bayern today – but he gave other clubs a basket.

Mané only wanted to go to Bayern: Sadio Mané (30) only wanted to switch to Bayern – the Senegalese emphasized that about his medical check-up on Tuesday in Munich. “My agent told me that there were also requests from other clubs. But I got the feeling right away when Bayern presented the plan to me,” said the winger of the “Bild” newspaper.

Short, compact, clear

PSG was also on Mané: He “found himself there more”, emphasized the superstar. There is a high probability that PSG would have paid even more money than the 20 million euros per year, but in Paris Mané would have been just a second-row kicker behind players like Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi and Neymar – in Munich he has a special position, like him Hype proves his commitment.

The right club at the right time: Mané explains his decision for Bayern: “I saw myself there straight away. For me it was the right club at the right time.” Mané is expected to sign a three-year contract on Wednesday. The transfer fee is fixed at 32 million euros, but can increase to 41 million with bonuses.