For many Swiss commuters, he is part of the working day, such as the coffee or the Business Meeting: the traffic jam on our roads. Particularly in the greater Zurich area, there is almost no day of the week, the motorist with Thousands of others in the rush hour. The new congestion study 2018 traffic data Analyst at Intrix now shows: Zurich, the traffic jam capital of Switzerland is again. Incredible 156 hours drivers lost in the last year on Zurich’s streets – and the value has decreased compared to the previous year, even 12 percent! The former leader of Geneva, follows with some distance in space 2: this is where motorists are offered a total of 142 hours of your time in a traffic jam.

Zurich all German cities

In an international comparison, Zurich is ranked 35. Rank – out of a total of 220 analyzed cities in the world. Thus, the largest Swiss economic location, many million-cities such as São Paulo in Brazil (154 hours of Congestion per year), Barcelona, Spain (147 hours), or Los Angeles in the United States (128 hrs.). And also a comparison with our Northern neighbors shows that In any major German city, it accumulated so much as in Zurich. Is headed the Ranking of the capital, Berlin, with a year 154 hours of Congestion, followed by the former leader of Munich (140 hours) and Hamburg (139 hrs.).

Bogotá at the top

Other cities can, in turn, via the local transport smile only tired. In Bogotá, drivers of 2018 lost say average, and write 272 hours in a traffic jam! Thus, the Colombian capital, occupied the top spot in the Ranking. After that, follow surprisingly, seven European cities: Rome, Dublin, Paris, Rostov-on-Don (Rus), London, Milan (I) and Bordeaux (F) 223 to 254 hours of Congestion in the year. Only then will the next non-European metropolis appears with Mexico City in the ranking – in the Latin American 20-million-city of lost motorists last year, 218 hours.

China and India

the absence of The Intrix study includes a total of 38 selected countries on six continents. Countries such as China, India or Thailand were not included in the study.