Miley Cyrus (26) has plurality of the Image change behind. From the well-behaved child star in the TV series “Hannah Montana” to the provocative adult, which resulted in 2013 in skimpy panties with the Song “Wrecking Ball” for global headlines.

After a few scandals came Miley to the nice Image, presented the past years, the majority as a brave Country singer. But now she has enough of it.

Miley’s missing, apparently, your time as a scandal noodle in Hollywood. Since a few days it shows up again in the old style: cheeky and provocative. In the announcement videos on your Instagram profile for her new Album “She Is Coming” she bounces in her underwear, sucking on a banana or fruit is smeared on the body.

Image-change is good

Now, Cyrus has released the first six Songs. Including collaborations with RuPaul (58), Swae Lee (23) and Ghostface Killah (49). When you share your works with the world, is still unclear.

The Fans are excited about Miley’s recent Image change. On your Instagram profile the woman from California, a majority will praise you. A user asks, but also critical: “The brave Country Girl has not sold?” (nim)