The Plus of 0.91 percent might not look much. Nevertheless, it brought the Swiss benchmark index SMI to a new record closing. This is now 10’074 of the points. The previous record stood at the end of a trading day was on 3. July achieved. He was 10’066 points.

The day’s high was marked prior to the close of trading at 10’076 points. Only 15 meters to the beginning of July marked an all-time high at 10’091 points. On a weekly basis, the SMI was up 1.8 percent.

China good, USA

As it comes to this final spurt in the first week of September? All three SMI heavy weights were up significantly. Nestlé 1.16 percent, and the pharmaceutical giants, Roche and Novartis 1.14, respectively, 0.82 percent. To the positive end of the week, the Economic stimulus of the Chinese Central Bank has helped. The Chinese Central Bank are the banks in the middle Kingdom for more credit space.

Disappointing news came from the US labour market. However, the situation in the USA is considered by experts still solid. However, the US Central Bank would consider the “Job Report” is probably suspicious, is the Washington-based Institution is currently already cautious on the road. A rate cut this month was certainly very likely, it was said.

You should high at all, mood and price gains this week, but don’t forget that the next mood is deep, far still only one Tweet from Washington, so a lot of stock traders.(jfr/SDA)