This Zarif said in a Sunday broadcast Interview with the US broadcaster Fox News. This project was a “Failure condemned”. A few days ago, the US had announced to increase the pressure on Tehran even further: From the beginning of may, the oil sanctions of the USA against Iran, without any further exception for certain States.

“This is plain and simple coercion,” said Sarif. “Nobody is happy about the fact that the United States try the Rest of the International community to impose its will,” he continued. This policy is not directed against the people in Iran. “You want to put pressure on the Iranian people, that it is against the government.” This is not going to happen. Instead, the Iranians would be encouraged in their determination, the pressure not to give in.

The United States had set last November so far, the toughest economic sanctions against Iran in force. These are primarily aimed at the oil industry, the largest source of income in the country. So far, the U.S. had allowed government, but eight of the countries that import them, initially for six months with impunity more Iranian oil. These exemptions no longer apply from Thursday.

imports of Iranian oil by Italy, Greece, Turkey, China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have not been punished by the United States. At the beginning of April, the US had declared the Ministry of foreign Affairs, three of these countries have reduced their Oil imports from Iran are already down to Zero.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo pointed out last Monday, the target was to deprive the Iranian leadership of the receipts and Tehran to hold this way to support terrorist groups financially and to the destabilization of the Middle East. Zarif accused in the United States, to destabilize the Region. The only result of the US presence in the Middle East is “that we have more Terror. We have more uncertainty. We have more instability,” he said.

Zarif also raised the standard accusations of Iran against the US allies Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as well as against Trumps National security adviser John Bolton. “All of you have shown interest in it, to drag the United States into a conflict,” said Sarif. “I don’t think President Trump wants to.”

Bolton rejected the accusation. “This is completely ridiculous,” he said, also on Fox News. With a view on the U.S. policy of maximum pressure on the Iranian leadership to exercise, said Bolton: “I think that it works. And I think that you Worry about that.”

Tehran has repeatedly threatened the international nuclear agreements terminate if the oil sanctions of the United States should be tightened to be implemented. The United States was in the last year alone from the nuclear agreement got out. The European attempt signatories Germany, France and the UK, to save the agreement. Sarif said that Trump had terminated the agreement, “without the read”.

According to Fox News, the Interview with Sarif was recorded on Friday (local time) in New York. Bolton was during the broadcast in the Studio of Fox News and responded promptly to Sarifs Manifestations.