The Skoda Octavia is the most popular car in Switzerland! Since two years he is leading the sales charts, after he had dethroned in 2017, up more than 40 years of unchallenged VW Golf. The recipe for success: Sedan, 4×4 and DSG dual clutch transmission with a large interior and VW group technology. Also in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Poland, Serbia, the Czech Republic and Hungary since 1996, in 61.5 million copies sold, the Octavia is in the front.

But last week, the Golf was once again ahead by a nose: He was unveiled as the first model in the new Compact Generation of the Volkswagen group (including Audi A3, Seat Leon and Octavia) belong to. The new Octavia is only at 11. November, the cloth is pulled. This VIEW may curves in camouflaged copies of the Toscana. The most important innovation: In Switzerland, closing with the sedan due to lack of demand, which is why we’re just sitting in the station wagon.

the most Important model for Skoda in total

The Octavia, which was launched 60 years ago for the first time, despite the SUV-Offensive is still Skoda’s most important model, says CEO Bernhard Maier. Means: The car must meet the customer expectations and new technology, but not to daring design experiments. Under the yellow-and-orange wrapping foil do you recognize: The controversial strut in the spotlight is a thing of the past; contrasting the Daytime running LEDs for the classic four-eye face. Was outside the five-seater is wider and longer (plus 15 and 22 mm) than its predecessor and is therefore more in the direction of middle class.

Inner camouflage fabric all cloth way up on instruments, and important keys. A lot of space, especially rear and the boot can hold now 640 to 1700 liters. The Cockpit looks tidy, in the center console, the touch screen in the field of view is and the ventilation mounted nozzles. Instead of the typical selector lever to choose now via the Mini Joystick, the driving stages of the DSG dual-clutch gearbox. By “Shift-by-Wire” a set of servo motors is now much faster up the steps. The Pause when changing from Forward to Reverse has done almost.

The Navi is now called Laura

Completely new, the Infotainment has been developed. “Fine, Laura” – the System is in the factory setting – can’t you call the Octavia now commands – unfortunately, still in the test. In addition, there is also a Head-Up Display, virtual instruments on a 10-inch Display, which can be four times adjusted, of course, with Smartphone Integration. Old USB Jacks are snow from yesterday, re-there are five of type USB-C And also the Full-LED Matrix headlights with 12 individual diodes to Hide the oncoming traffic, lifting the new Octavia over classical Compact class-level.

To Start in April 2020, a 150-HP turbo gasoline engine will come with cylinder deactivation, and two turbo-diesel with 115 or 150 HP. The two more powerful engines, DSG drive on the winding roads of Tuscany fast and dynamic, the body wavers and the harmony, the engines are already good. More confidently than striking, overwhelming, but that is exactly the Octavia character. It works also for you, Mr. Maier? “The spread of the driving programs could be a little bit more, more difference,” says the škoda CEO.

RS with 245 HP and a Plug-in Hybrid

to come to the start of series production. Time the versions with all-wheel drive or 48-Volt mild hybrid and two Plug-in Hybrid with 204 or 245 HP. The latter will wear the RS Label. A 130-HP gas variant will also follow later. And Yes, the Octavia will also be more expensive. But still, the prices for the market launch are not fixed.