In the normal case, pass to me, Yes, male beauty pretty much on the Po. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Liam Hemsworth? Och. Speed in the brain, slightly dirty-surreal sense of Humor, willingness to help and the weirdest nose I don’t care. I’m telling you this just so it gets more weight, when I say in the face of the brand-new Saarbrücken-Duos now is: Wow. Aging male viewers, be warned: do not Look trusted, this result is better with your Face, if you don’t want to take in the light of this catalogue of models immediately, the most severe inferiority complex.

< p > Faust shows the heart

In the new Saarbrücken-result is good but only the Duo of Adam Schürk (Daniel Strässer, 32) and Leo woods (Vladimir Burlakov, 32), but also the screenplay. With a better opening scene, with a lapidareren, cooler to the outbreak of violence against the one who really deserves it, is probably yet been presented never a Commissioner.

A writer shows Talent

the story of a decadent industrialist family with a nasty disgust as the head, which covered up a disgusting nasty background history, hats in. In General, the background stories, the Duo is hiding a secret from the past, which in turn explains the ambivalent chemistry of the two. I told you, that the are what for the eye?

conclusion: dear SRF, a man by the name of Hendrik Hölzemann has written the screenplay. The calls at times but, in view of the past Lucerne consequences of that would be necessary. For the Casting is with you for the new “crime scene” Yes, unfortunately, already too late.

rating: five stars out of Five.